Why Are Massage Chairs So Expensive?

One simple rule of the 21st century? Luxury is always an expensive choice my friend!

But the kind of luxury that pays off the initial cost in the form of delivering optimal relaxation and enhanced healing is definitely worth it. 

A massage chair in particular; thus, is the kind of lavishness I would definitely recommend to my readers. 

A Massage Chair is an effective solution to indulging in enhanced physical recovery or for being delivered sheer psychological relaxation following a tiresome day, the purchase itself, will always be considered as a luxury worth the cost. 

For me, when I get home, from a labor-intensive filled day, I am always looking forward to unwind on my massage chair at home for a good one-hour. 

That one hour session on a daily basis not only helps me stay relaxed and feeling rejuvenated; but at the same time, aids me with maintaining my perfectly balanced posture, even at this age, which many from my age-group, by the way, envy. 

Would I consider the thousands of dollars spent on my massage chair as worth the physical and psychological bliss it delivers consistently on a daily basis? 

Yes, Definitely! And so should you. If in case you feel double minded about the expensive  price tags of the massage chairs available within the market sphere, then my friend, worry no more. 

This post is exactly where you should be, since I intend on carefully discussing and educating you about the core reasons behind why massage chairs, particularly the ones that meet your set prerequisites are so expensive. 

Having had an adequate amount of experience testing massage chairs, whether manufactured under Real Relax, Luraco, or the most expensive and lavish of their kind, Medical Break through, let me tell you, the number of features integrated inside, and their technology is what directly affects the overall price tag. 

What are the features which add to the ultimate cost of manufacturing massage chairs; however, at the same time optimize relaxation? 

Let's take a look shall we! 

user memory

If there is one feature that screams out utmost user-convenience and luxury within massage chairs, it is the integration of User-memory in a massage chair.

Although, as a beginner in the field, I too, was highly confused when I initially heard about it, but the feature itself along with its integrated technology is a lot simpler to understand than it may sound once you know the basics. 

Manually set massage programs can be found incorporated inside as the among the core features of a massage chair in almost 90% of the models available in the market industry.

The presence of User-memory programs is the most advanced form of saving manually set massage programs.

Massage chair is such a commodity, which is utilized but not one, but can be used by a variation of users, whether an entire family, or even a group of friends subletting an apartment together. 

Massage chairs such as The Medical Breakthrough although may cost a fortune; however, has features such as User memory incorporated inside which helps with saving each of the manual massage programs for future utilization. 

The User-memory programs delivers each user, the convenience of saving their previously set massage programs so that they no longer have to use up their time, to develop their preferred customized massage sessions on a regular basis. 

Impressed by now? 

Well, keep on reading, because I have several more features just as technologically advanced to educate you with, each of which as a result raises the price of the massage chair, but also enhances it’s performance. 

2-Step Zero-gravity

zero gravity

Want to know the secret behind my blissfully balanced anatomy posture? 

It is the utilization of Zero-gravity positioning on a weekly basis, if not daily that’s got my spinal cord more balanced than a majority of the young-adults half my age. 

Ever since its introduction as an integral feature within massage chairs, Zero-Gravity has paved its way into the hearts of massage chair users, mainly due to the sheer number of physical benefits it has to offer. 

What really gives a massage chair an edge over others within the market sphere, as well as raise the overall price sky high, is the incorporation of not one, but 2-step Zero-Gravity.

For many prospective buyers in the market sphere looking to rejuvenate their otherwise, imbalanced posture, 2-step Zero-gravity is an excellent feature.

It is of the utmost importance for an imbalanced Vertebrae to be treated and positioned in otherwise unusual stances, in a gradual manner. 

Getting the spinal cord in a reclined stance which places each user in a position where their legs are at a higher angle than that of their heart needs to be slow, and a gradual process, which is exactly what the 2-step Zero-Gravity feature does.

 If it is a more balanced body posture you my friend, are in search of, then one must be ready to pay the foremost price of a capable massage chair. 

Automatic Full-Body Scanning Massage Chair

automatic full body massage chair

Are you worried about whether the massage chair you purchase will be able to accommodate your unusually tall body frame but at the same time deliver a relaxing massage experience to your relatively shorter, significant other? 

Well, worry no more! Since massage chairs featuring an automatic Full-body Massage chair will although increase the overall dent in your wallet; but deliver you a consistently effective massage experience, fully personalized to your body frame. 

An automatic Full-body scanner is mostly accompanied by leg, or arm adjustment extensions to cater users with a relatively taller body frame. 

Yoga- Stretching

yoga stretching

Are you a fan of Yoga?

Well, I know I was not up until I bought myself a massage chair with Yoga-stretching feature incorporated inside. 

The best thing about Yoga Stretching integrated inside a massage chair?

The chair itself does all the hard work for you, while you sit back and relax as the advanced, highly specialized technology does all the work. 

Yoga Stretching technology although may significantly raise the overall price of a massage chair; however, merges reclined positioning with air-bags based compression and decompression to place users in specialized, yoga-like stretching stances. 

The Yoga initiating positions not only enhance blood circulation, but also relax previously pressurized muscles or nerves. 

Space Saving Features

space saving features

I consider myself to be quite a hoarder, and I know many of my readers will be too, which is why saving space as much as I can in an otherwise cosy, urban sized apartment can be a problematic matter. 

However, new technology within the world of Massage chairs have made it of much ease for me, to be able to purchase a luxury massage chair without having to worry about the space required for it inside a room. 

Space-saving features when integrated inside a massage chair allows each user the convenience of placing their massage chair with minimal backspace required, even in a fully reclined stance. 

The upgraded technology, adjusts the positioning of the massage chair on its own, to allow for placing each user in a fully reclined Zero-gravity positioning, without requiring additional back space between the wall and the chair itself. 

So if you consider yourself to be a hoarder like me, then space for your massage chair should be the least of your worries. 

I am sure by now, regardless of whether you may be opting for a $3000 massage chair or trying to purchase a $5000 model, the price will make much sense to you. 

Just to explain the topic all the more, I have mentioned ahead a comparison table which further explains the overall price tag of a massage chair divided over its years of worth. 

Massage chairs are mostly a long term investment with a long shelf life, just check out the table below, and maybe their overall price may not seem as expensive as it may initially seem. 

$2000$5.47 per day$2.73 per day$1.82 per day
$4000$10.9 per day$5.47 per day$3.65 per day

When the overall pricing of a massage chair is placed under a per/day cost, keeping in consideration the sheer relaxation they have to offer, the price really does not seem to be much at all. 

Having had over 20-years worth of experience in the industry, I would definitely tell prospective buyers never to let the relatively expensive price tag of a massage chair hesitate them out of purchasing the massage chair of their choice.

Keeping in consideration the advanced features integrated inside, as well as the benefits offered, massage chairs, regardless of their high price tag are always worth the cost. 

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