What is a 3D Massage Chair?

I’m confident you must have heard about the 3D movies. You may have heard people talking about 3D animations. However, have you ever heard about a 3D massage chair?

That’s right. The term ‘3D massage chairs’ may be relatively new to you, but 3D massage chairs are all the rage these days.

Wait, what is a 3D massage chair really?

Well, it’s a massage chair that provides you with 3D forms of body massage.

The central idea behind a 3D massage chair is that it delivers a 3D body massage to you, which includes different rollers with various intensities that are strategically fixed into the seat of the massage chair.

These rollers target certain pressure points of the body while giving you the sheer relaxation you crave. They are placed in an S-track (the most active version of massage chairs) or an L-track frame.

Still confused about the high tech mechanisms working behind a 3D massage chair? Bingo, you’re in for a treat.

In this article today, I am going to talk about 3D massage chairs in detail. I’ll explain all the little details you’ll ever want to know, so let’s get started.

how does a 3d massage chair work

It goes without saying that 3D massage chairs are an amazing innovation. They come with high-tech 3D rollers that bring additional comfort for you.

They’re placed in the S-track frame in a way that they target even the most neglected parts of your body in an effort to provide you with deep relaxation. It is that one thing that distinguishes a 3D massage chair from the traditional ones.

3D massage rollers are able to protrude from the frame of your massage chair. With such high tech design, they target the deep tissues of your body that are mostly not accessible by any other ordinary massage chair.

The pattern of targeting each and every inch of the body along with the deep tissues helps you in several ways, including:

It rejuvenates your entire body and gives you ample time to unwind the stressed areas.

The 3D rollers are adjustable. Therefore, you can customize the protrusion and pressure as per your comfort and needs.

A 3D massage is a lot more intense than a typical body massage, which means comfort and relaxation are maximized.

You can control the entire body massage with the help of the massage heads. Henceforth, it’s undeniably extravagant.

Best 3D Massage Chairs in the Market

best 3d massage chairs in the market

There are dozens of options available in the market when it comes to buying a 3D massage chair. Thus, it won’t be wrong if I say recommending one is hard.

After all, each one of them comes with its own distinctive features. Eventually, it all comes down to what you want out of a massage chair.

You may be wondering if a 3D massage chair is actually worth buying? 

If it is, which one should you get?

How to know which one is the best?

Well, those are some common questions that come in everyone’s mind before making such decisions. Thereby, I’m going to list some of the best 3D massage chairs here, so choosing one gets easier for you.

Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga &...
  • 11/22/19 New Amazon Exclusive Promotion- 2 Years additoinal warranty included - Total 3 Years Parts & Labor, 4th year...
  • Happy to Introduce LM-6800, one of the most popular real massage chair that can start your day fresh with Kahuna massage...
  • L-Track massage system, 3 stages of Zero Gravity, Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size...
Human Touch Novo XT Zero-Gravity Ultra High Performance Full-Body 3D...
  • Featuring a striking design and best-in-class performance, it provides a therapeutic massage that can be custom-tailored...
  • Create your own custom massage experience with 5 intensity settings and 3 deep-tissue massage programs designed to...
  • Easy to use LCD remote features massage controls for (1) massage intensity adjustment, (2) width adjustment, (3) speed...
Osaki OS3DPROCYBERD Model OS-3D Pro Cyber Zero Gravity Massage Chair, Red,...
  • Evolved 3D massage Technology, Computer Body Scan, 2 Stage Zero Gravity, Next Generation Air Massage Technology
  • 36 Air Bags, Arm Air Massage, Auto Recline and leg extention, LED Chromotheraphy Lighting
  • Accupoint Technology, Dual Foot Roller Massage, Low Back Heat Therapy
Infinity IT-8500 X3 - Full Body Zero Gravity 3D Massage Chair - Featuring...
  • Enter a new world of massage chair innovation with the brand new IT-8500X3 by Infinity Massage Chairs. As one of the...
  • This massage chair’s unique 3D technology allows the user to adjust the roller depth from a low intensity massage, to...
  • We set out to create a foot massager that is capable of melting knots away. In each foot unit of the massage chair,...
Real Relax 3D Massage Chair Recliner with Bluetooth, Space Saver, Body...
  • Robot Hand rollers work together with SL-TRACK, move from neck to hip( up and down modes).
  • Computer body scan technology detects your body shape; adjust the back roller position to fit you
  • Assembled already and packed in one box, what you need do is to put the foot rest down and plug in
Massage Chair by Ootori,3D SL-Track Thai Yoga Stretching Zero Gravity...
  • 【SL-track Technology&3D Robert Hand】 L-tracks are all the rage in the industry and the RL900 massage chair has one!...
  • 【Zero-Gravity&Space Saving】Press the zero-gravity button to adjust the optimal position by elevating your feet to...
  • 【Shoulder Width Adjustable&Leg Stretching】The electric massage Rollers are adjustable for different shoulder width,...

All the options I have mentioned above are tried and tested. I can guarantee that they are among the top ones you can ever get your hands on.

Yet, at the end of the day, it comes down to the features you need and of course, the cost of the massage chair. Still, one thing that I’d like to add here is that a massage chair may seem like a big investment initially, but it’s more cost-effective in the long run.

Benefits of a 3D Massage Chair

benefits of a 3d massage chair

A 3D massage chair brings along numerous benefits for you, which makes them worth giving a shot. Let me explain a few of the merits you can enjoy while using a 3D massage chair.

Targets Deep Tissues

Ever heard of deep body cleansing? That’s right, guys! Your tissues and muscles need cleansing as well.

A 3D massage chair is undoubtedly number one if you crave a deep tissue chair massage. It can provide you with the sheer relaxation one dreams of.

Not just that, it targets all the parts of your body that are otherwise neglected. If you’re already using a traditional massage chair, you’ll feel the difference in your first try. You have my word.

Increased Blood Flow

One of the best advantages that a 3D chair massage therapy can have on you is the increased blood circulation.

You may think of it as something ordinary, but it isn’t. Increased blood flow would further ensure several benefits for your body, for example:

  • Better healing of wounds
  • No more aching muscles
  • Less lethargy
  • Oxygenated skin

Isn’t it magical how one thing can affect all others? Positively or negatively? The choice is yours.

Enhanced Relaxation of the Upper Neck & Lower Back

7 out of 10 people have an issue of the lower backache. I had a similar concern as well when I bought my massage chair.

I went through the worst lower backache, tried allopathic medicines, physiotherapy, and whatnot?

Well, nothing worked. My 3D massage chair was the last resort and to tell you the truth; it was the wisest decision I made. It helped me get rid of the pain naturally. Yes, a 3D massage chair addresses all the ignored parts of the body like lower back, upper neck, and more. 

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that a 3D massage chair provides you with a full-body massage in the true sense of the word.

So if you require the best of the body massage and relaxation combination, a 3D massage chair is your go-to therapy. Please consider the options I have shared with you, and I’m confident you’ll have an experience of a lifetime. After all, what’s wrong in giving it a try?

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