8 Practical Tips to Take Care of Your Massage Chair

Purchasing a massage chair is a significant investment in itself. 

Ever wonder how to take care of your prized possession? 

How to save it from all the potential damages? 

What if it doesn’t last long?

Such questions have been making the rounds in my mind from the day I brought a massage chair home.

Around six months ago, I purchased a massage chair for my own use. I still remember I bought it for $2599.

Even though it was pretty out of my budget, I couldn’t neglect the amazing features it offered and how it felt while trying it out.

From then till now, one thing that I am most concerned about is how to maintain my massage chair and make it last longer.

Massage chairs by high-end brands are usually quite durable, but on the contrary, a little shock to its body can notably damage it.

Your massage chair is certainly a prized possession, and it requires good care. So, let’s shed some light on how you can maintain your massage chair and make it last longer than usual. 

how to maintain a massage chair

Needless to say, it is a wise decision to have a massage chair at home. 

Visiting a spa or hiring a masseur every now and then is something quite expensive. Thus, keeping a massage chair at home can prominently improve your budget.

Before purchasing a massage chair, I had an apprehension that human massage has no alternative. 

Considering the comfort my massage chair has provided me in the last six months, I was wrong.

I can confidently say that chair massage therapies are as effective as human massage therapies.

Nonetheless, the fact that you cannot neglect is that massage chairs are quite expensive to begin with.

It is precisely why you must make reasonable efforts to maintain your precious massage chair.

No one wants their pricey product to get damaged shortly after investing in it.

Since I have a massage chair as well, I know that it is quite high-maintenance. 

However, taking appropriate care of a massage chair can ensure its longevity.

All these high-end massage chairs are designed to be durable, so why not make a little effort and use them for years to come?

In order to have an incredible experience with your massage chair, skim through the rundown of these practical maintenance tips I am sharing below:

Use the right power cable

use the right power cable

It may seem like something insignificant, but the power you’re providing to your massage chair makes a massive difference. 

Therefore, make sure to use the right power cable. A massage chair brings along its own adapter as well as power cable so you must not use any other. 

If the cable gets damaged or you happen to lose it somehow, please contact the vendor in order to get a new one.

Furthermore, it is a safe choice to keep a spare adapter and power cable at home, so if the original one gets damaged, you can use a backup.

Don’t squeeze yourself into that chair

dont squeeze yourself into massage chair

There’s a wide range of massage chairs available in the market, so get one that goes with your weight and size. Make sure not to squeeze yourself in it. 

Thankfully, most of the massage chairs these days come with a high weight threshold, which ranges from 200 to 350 pounds.

My massage chair has a great weight threshold, but it is something I am extremely particular about, I try not to overburden it. Also, I never share my massage chair with anyone who just wants to try it for the sake of trying. After all, it isn’t a small investment. 

As per the experts’ opinion, if the weight is exceeded than the threshold of the massage chair, it can crumble easily. 

Let me give my two cents here, please don’t even try to get two people to use the massage chair at the same time, it’s not funny at all. Have mercy on the poor thing!

Leave the mechanical maintenance aside

mechanical maintenance

Unlike other tech gadgets you purchase, your massage chair doesn’t require any mechanical maintenance.

It comes with self-sustaining technical aspects; therefore, it doesn’t need any mechanical keep-up from you.

So, you don’t have to lube any internal part of the massage chair.

In case of a mechanical error, consult experts and try not to change or lube any part of it on your own.

Massage chairs are made with complicated designs, so tinkering around can not just affect its working but void its warranty as well.

Get a surge protector

surge protector

Like all other expensive electronics you own, your massage chair also requires to have a surge protector.

As a matter of fact, the weather is the most unpredictable thing.

About two months ago, there was a bad storm in town that caused a power surge and damaged various electronics at my home, including the television, refrigerator and massage chair.

It was there and then I decided to bring a surge protector home.

I know you may think of it as an additional expense, but trust me, it wasn’t a big investment.

I purchased one at a very reasonable cost. Most surge protectors are available under $15.

It is a small investment that is going to save a considerable amount of money later down the road. You can thank me later!

Regularly clean the upholstery

One of the crucial aspects of massage chair maintenance is cleaning the upholstery.

There are two kinds of massage chairs available, one comes with leather upholstery and the other with fabric, both of them are cleaned differently.

Cleaning the fabric upholstery

Fabric upholstery is simple to clean, and it doesn’t require any rocket science.

I have a fabric massage chair, and truth be told; it doesn’t require much maintenance.

I mostly use a soft organic fabric cleaner, and it cleans away the dirt in merely a few seconds.

Cleaning the leather upholstery

Cleaning a leather massage chair is relatively complicated.

Leather massage chairs have two types; one comes with natural leather and other with synthetic leather.

However, the cleaning process for both is more or less similar.

You don’t need to use a fabric cleaner or detergent, simply wipe down the chair with a damp piece of cloth.

Body oils and perspiration can damage the synthetic leather surface; hence, it would be safe to clean it once a week. Also, make sure to dry the surface properly before using it again.

For a natural leather chair, you can merely use a soft duster or sponge. Avoid using detergents or soapy water as it can affect the leather negatively.

My mother has a natural leather massage chair, and she strictly recommends not to brush the surface as brushing can significantly damage it.

Keep the leather polished

keep the leather polished

Your leather massage chair requires a little extra hassle when talking about its maintenance. 

Leather, whether natural or synthetic, may appear dull after some time making your chair look old and rough.

The best way to avoid that and make it appear new is by keeping it polished regularly. 

Purchase a leather conditioner and buff it into the surface once every week to keep it all shiny and fab. 

After all, who isn’t concerned about aesthetics?

Keep it away from sunlight

The UV rays from the sun can damage leather and similar materials.

Hence, if you have a massage chair with leather upholstery, try to keep it away from sunlight to avoid potential damage.

The idea of having a massage while soaking the sun feels like nirvana; yet, prolonged exposure to sunlight can mainly crack the leather.

My mother always tries to keep her household items just as they came new.

For this reason, she has set her massage chair right in the middle of the living area where there is no window nearby. 

She once told me how sunlight could make leather change its colour.

While exposure to the sun won’t cause any mechanical damage to your massage chair, I am certain you wouldn’t want your expensive piece to look old and trashy.

I often think about it too!

Observe the sounds it makes

Whenever you’re using a massage chair, one thing that remains very important is the sound it makes.

So, please pay attention to the sounds your massage chair makes.

In case it’s making any unusual sound as if something is grinding or like it has lost a major massaging feature, such differences in sounds can indicate that your massage chair isn’t in a stable condition.

In all such scenarios, ensure to get in touch with a massage chair technician at the earliest.

I am confident you don’t want to risk your pricey favourite thing.

I consider my massage chair a wonderful investment, as I don’t want any knots and kinks in my body.

The best part of it is that keeping a massage chair at home is effortless as it doesn’t require any mechanical maintenance.

Just ensure to follow the simple tips I have shared above, and you’ll be good to go for years.

So, let’s save the money and enjoy the sensation of a massage in the comfort of our places.

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