Can You Use a Massage Chair When Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a precious time for parents, especially when they get to welcome their child. Yet for some women, pregnancy can take a toll on their health.

It is the time when your body goes through various changes. Due to severe hormonal changes and specific imbalances, most women happen to experience the following issues:

  • Body aches
  • Hand and feet edema
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Indigestion
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Stress

You may have heard frequently that it is not safe to take over the counter medicines in pregnancy. So how can you cater to all such issues without medications?

Well, you can always switch to herbal alternatives, but are they all safe?

Again, it is something that remains questionable. So here comes a massage chair!

Massage chairs for pregnant women? Hell, yes!

Most of the people out there think it’s not safe to get chair massage therapy in pregnancy but let me be clear; it is just a myth.

Massage chair therapies are a natural alternative to all these OTC medicines, and they have minimal to no side effects. All you need to do is take care of the massage time, and I am confident you’ll be good to go for nine months.

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chair massage therapies in pregnancy

It is a subject that is often debated. I reckon that you need to be extra cautious in the time of your pregnancy but trust me; a massage chair is your best friend.

Massage chairs and pregnancy go hand in hand. Though there are lots of contradictory opinions regarding the topic like ‘the heating system of your massage chair can cause premature labour’.

Still, there’s no scientific evidence of all these claims. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say that massage chairs are totally safe to use in pregnancy.

If you’re still concerned about it, you can always take the second opinion from your gynaecologist. 

There’s no harm in staying on the safer side after all.

Why Do You Need a Massage Chair in Pregnancy?

why do you need a massage chair in pregnancy

To all the pregnant ladies, have you ever thought about sipping a glass of fresh grape juice and having a massage side by side? It feels like nirvana, doesn't it?

Clearly, it isn’t anything impossible. You can purchase a massage chair and enjoy its luxury in the comfort of your home.

A massage chair can help you with all the pregnancy-induced health issues. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about taking the medication anymore.

It is precisely the reason why massage chairs are becoming more and more popular in maternity centers. They’re recommended by many healthcare experts in the time of pregnancy.

Why? There are a number of ways they can help you.

They can provide relief from backache, which is a significant issue in pregnancy.

They can comfort the sore legs.

They can improve the blood circulation in the body while providing your baby with the required oxygen.

They can reduce edema by regulating bodily fluids.

They can relieve stress from the pressure points of your body.

They can help regulate your sleeping patterns whilst eliminating insomnia naturally.

They can enhance your mood by increasing the endorphins in the bloodstream.

The vibrations have nothing to do with your uterus; therefore, it’s safe.

The benefits mentioned above explain well about how beneficial massage chair therapies are for pregnant women.

Furthermore, I also read a research report where they took around 80 pregnant women as subjects. 

They went through massage chair therapy sessions for a few days and reported significantly lower levels of stress as well as reduced body aches.

Besides, it was further mentioned that their dopamine and serotonin levels were notably increased.

The same group of subjects after a few months revealed great neonatal outcomes like improved birth weight of infants.

However, there’s no piece of research that validates if using a massage chair during pregnancy is entirely safe.

Nevertheless, it isn’t anything to worry about. It is always good to take precautionary measures.

When Should You Avoid Using a Massage Chair in Pregnancy?


Indeed pregnancy is a demanding period. Due to multiple physiological and hormonal changes in the body, those nine months of pregnancy are nothing less than a rollercoaster.

There are several health conditions that can restrict you from using a massage chair during the time of your pregnancy.

Henceforth, you MUST avoid having a chair massage therapy in the presence of the following issues:

  • If it is your first time;
  • If you have unstable blood pressure;
  • If you have edema;
  • If you have a history of premature labour;
  • If you often have headaches;
  • If you have a high-risk pregnancy;
  • If you’re overweight.

All such issues may cause preterm labour or in the worst situations, pregnancy termination.

Make no mistake, pelvic pain as well as lower backache are two of the most common symptoms of preterm labour and sometimes, miscarriage.

Risk Factors Associated with Chair Massage Therapies in Pregnancy


Overuse of a massage chair can cause various health problems, and it is the same for pregnant women.

So let me highlight a few risk factors associated with using a massage chair while you’re pregnant:

Vibrating or Roller Chair Massage Therapies

According to many massage chair experts, vibrating and roller massage chair settings stimulate the pressure points of the body. As a result, it can induce premature labour and related issues.

I remember reading a book of Chinese medicine that clearly identified pressure points of the body that can induce labour when stimulated.

Inappropriate Massage Position

One of the most important things that you need to be careful of is your body position while taking a chair massage therapy.

As relaxing as lying face down is, it is not a healthy position if you’re expecting. Make sure not to put pressure on your belly as it can harm the baby.

Thus, try to sit straight or sideways when taking a chair massage.

Heating Elements in Massage Chairs

Massage chairs often have a heating wand or lumbar heating system. While using a heated massage chair, it can raise the temperature of your body.

It goes without saying that if the expecting mother’s body temperature is high, the baby’s temperature will go unstable as well.

I know that chair massage therapies with heat elements are comforting, but it may put your child in danger; therefore, it is better to avoid them.

The small body of your baby in the womb is a lot more vulnerable to temperature changes as it may elevate heart rate.

As mentioned in a study by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynaecologists (ACOG), expecting ladies shouldn’t let their body temperature go higher than 100 degrees.

It means you need to stay away from steam baths, jacuzzis, and saunas to steer clear from heat stress.

A Few Things to Remember When Using a Massage Chair

massage chairs below 3000

Therapeutic massage chairs indeed bring a massive number of health benefits for expecting moms. 

Yet there are certain things that you need to consider while taking chair massage therapy.

Chair Massage Therapy in the First Trimester

In the first trimester of pregnancy, precisely the initial 12 weeks, you’re more prone to having a miscarriage.

Why? Because your body is in the phase of a major transformation. It is primarily the reason why healthcare experts recommend not to take therapeutic massage sessions in the early three months of pregnancy time.

It is better to be safe than sorry. What do you say?

Chair Massage Therapy in the Third Trimester

The third and final trimester of your pregnancy requires extra care. It is the time when your weight goes at its max and your body remains swollen.

In such a situation, it is better not to squeeze yourself into that massage chair since it can affect the space for your child.

Apart from that, your body becomes more sensitive to pressure in the final days of your pregnancy. Therefore, little pressure can increase body aches, let alone alleviate them.

Be Careful with the Massage Time

Overuse of a massage chair can harm you and your baby, get this in your head.

I would say 10-15 minutes of chair massage therapy are more than enough to enjoy its comfort and benefits. Anything more than that can bring along dangerous consequences.

In the case of skin bruising or muscle spasms, the little body of the child can be affected too.  

A History of Premature Births

In case you have a history of preterm labor or have had a premature birth before, it would be safe to avoid using a massage chair altogether.

Besides, look for other symptoms like headaches, edema, or varicose. If you happen to have any of such symptoms, it is better to limit the use of a massage chair or consult a physician before giving it a try.

From personal experience, I don’t recall any contradiction for having chair massage therapy in pregnancy. Just to be safe, I’d say you confirm it from your gynecologist first.

The goal is to make pregnancy easier, take off the unnecessary pressure on the limbs and back, and to unwind the stress. A massage chair is certainly perfect for all those things so it wouldn’t be wrong to give it a shot. Think about it!

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