Human Touch Massage Chairs VS. Kahuna Massage Chairs

Have you ever had a chance to visit a massage chair store? Or, have you ever seen a massage chair retailer’s website?

No wonder, there is a wide range of massage chairs available in the markets these days. A massive number of brands have started manufacturing massage chairs now.

It is primarily the reason why settling down on one label has become more challenging than ever. So what shall one do?

Are you trying to figure out the best option as well? Or, at least a brand that is reliable enough?

So today, I’ll be reviewing two of the most popular brands in the world of massage chairs, Human Touch and Kahuna.

I’m sure you must have heard about both, but let’s check them out in detail today.

human touch vs kahuna

How can you decide between them without comparing the two? Simply not possible!

So I’m going to compare the two with each other, including all their similarities and differences here in the table below.

I’m certain it is going to give you a better idea about what you’re getting yourself into. So let’s jump right into it. 

Human Touch Massage Chairs Kahuna Massage Chairs
Age It has been ruling for 40 years. Founded in 1997.
Price Range $500-8500 $1800-7000
Warranty Up to five years. Parts & labour: 3 years, Structure: 5 years.
Design A combination of tech and aesthetics. Tech-based with a dash of decor.
Common Features Kneading, rolling, vibrating, heat therapy, reflexology, Shiatsu, and more. Vibrating, heat rolling, reflexology, Shiatsu, kneading, and more.
Therapeutic Yes Yes (Popularly known for it)
Durability Ever long lasting Absolute

Human Touch Massage Chairs

human touch massage chairs

Haven’t you heard of Human Touch massage chairs? Who doesn’t know about them?

Human Touch has been serving its customers for nearly 40 years now, four decades. Amazing, isn’t it?

Upon asking many of my friends that own a massage chair, each one of them had only good things to say about this particular brand. Their quality, product construction, features, and durability, everything is unquestionable.

Ranging from $500 to $8000, clearly it has more good than bad, and that is something which has helped the brand stand tall in all these years.

Astounding Features of Human Touch Massage Chairs

Alright, enough about the brand. Let’s see what it brings for you and what makes it superior to its competitors.

Following is a rundown of a few fabulous features that you’ll get to see in almost every Human Touch massage chair model.

They bring a variety of massage techniques, tapping, kneading, rolling, Shiatsu, you name it.

Nearly all of the Human Touch massage chairs now come with zero gravity massage technology.

Their reflexology is too good to be questioned.

Their high-priced models come with Bluetooth, mobile app functionality, and remote control features.

They’re often automatic, so there’s very little you need to do.

Most of them bring along heat rollers that provide you with excellent heat therapy.

They have adjustable and space-saving designs. Not to forget, they’re aesthetically pleasing too.

They often accompany spine correctors and calf relaxers.

They come with an L/S track frame, which brings them lots and lots of competition.

Apart from that, all of their massage chair models are covered under warranty for up to five years. Oh, and their durability? Their fine products are here to last!

My Top 3 Human Touch Massage Chair Picks

Are you convinced that a Human Touch massage chair is worth giving a shot? Oh wait, which one are you going to try first?

Human Touch provides you with a variety of massage chair models these days. Henceforth, pinpointing one can be hard.

So here, I have three of the most reliable Human Touch massage chair models for you.

1. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0 Massage Chair
  • The Ultimate Zero-Gravity Experience: The ZeroG 5.0 zero-gravity full body massage chair has a Smart 3D massage engine...
  • Foot & calf massager can extend to accommodate users of various heights
  • The fully encompassing foot-and-calf massager is designed for a therapeutic massage complete with vibration and...
2. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair
  • SMART MASSAGE CHAIR - Developed to utilize Alexa, this massager is your own Virtual Therapist at home. The intuitive...
  • ERGONOMIC UNIBODY TRACK - Designed with a unibody track that covers up to 60% more of the back than conventional massage...
  • 3D AND 4D PROGRAMS - This high-performance massager comes with 38 wellness programs that offer a unique experience for...
3. Human Touch Novo XT2 3D S and L Track Massage Chair
  • In-Home Delivery and Setup - 35 Auto-Wellness Programs - Indulge in 35 programs, including immersion and an effective...
  • Zero-Gravity Massage - Full Body Stretch - Cloud Touch Acupressure - Dual-Lumbar Heat - Advanced LCD Remote - Premium...
  • Flex 3D Massage Technology - With five intensity settings you can adjust your massage intensity for a therapeutic, fully...

Kahuna Massage Chairs

kahuna massage chair

Made by AJX.LLC, USA, Kahuna was founded in 1997. From then till now, Kahuna has been bringing the most exquisite massage chair models for its customers.

With every passing year, this brand has magically evolved in the world of technology. It now comes up with some of the most high-tech massage chair models of all-time.

The best part of the story is that their massage chair models are approved by the FDA. Hence, you cannot simply doubt their therapeutic qualities.

Kahuna massage chairs start from $1800 and go up to $7000. The price may vary according to the features and chair model.

Remarkable Features of Kahuna Massage Chairs

Okay. Let’s leave the ordinary and see what makes Kahuna massage chairs extraordinary.

Here I have a list of some of the most incredible features that most of the Kahuna massage chair models share. Although they’re not exclusive to Kahuna, let’s say they’re a perfect match to the product.

Most of their massage chairs are incorporated with an L/S track therapeutic frame.

They bring along electronic airbags that mainly focus on your back and spine.

They can provide you a full-body massage in combination with different techniques, for example, kneading and tapping, rolling and Shiatsu, and more.

Their massage chairs mostly have a zero-gravity feature. Thereby, they’re beneficial for expecting ladies.

A lot of them have heating elements or a heating wand, to be precise.

They allow you to control the massage time as per your liking.

Many Kahuna massage chair models come with Bluetooth and wireless speakers just to make your massage experience better.

Coming to the warranty, all of their products bring along different warranties. In simple words, the labor and parts of their massage chairs are secured for three years while the structure security remains for five years.

My Top 3 Kahuna Massage Chair Picks

Are you bored with the details already? Looking for that one product you’re actually going to purchase now? 

Kahuna has provided us with many massage chair models in all these years, a few I personally like are as follows:

1. Kahuna LM-6800S Massage Chair Recliner
  • 12 Auto programs to enjoy - 4 Basic Daily Programs, 4 Stretching Programs, 4 Elite Programs. New remote design with back...
  • Custom Memory Saving function to save your own massage programs you desire.
  • Shoulder airbag adjustable for different height, New end position change button to change the recliner position after...
2. Kahuna SM-7300S Massage Chair
  • Newly designed structural frame with deeper zero gravity angle with space saving design.
  • Bluetooth app controller for wireless control and premium quality speaker. Longer operation time up to 1 hour per...
  • Total 13 Auto programs - 4 Stretching programs - Yoga Stretching, Active Stretching, Sv-Chiro Stretching, Dynamic...
3. Kahuna LM-6800 Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair
  • 11/22/19 New Amazon Exclusive Promotion- 2 Years additoinal warranty included - Total 3 Years Parts & Labor, 4th year...
  • L-Track massage system, 3 stages of Zero Gravity, Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size...
  • Best warranty service for online massage chair company – Easy to register warranty and request service. Kahuna LM-6800...

For the first time in forever, it has become difficult for me to pick a side. Both the brands I have reviewed above are phenomenal in their own way.

If you ask me, I’ll choose Kahuna massage chairs since I already have Kahuna LM-6800, and I’ve been using it for two years now. Call me biased, but it’s worth the purchase. I wish you well, pals!

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