Human Touch Massage Chairs VS. Cozzia Massage Chairs

There is nothing better than coming home after a long and hectic day to a relaxing body massage, a cup of freshly brewed coffee, and Netflix? Do you think anything beats that?

After all, who likes to have knots and kinks in their body at sleep time? Right before you actually have some time for yourself? Well, a relaxing chair massage therapy is the solution to many of your problems.

It can help you get rid of these stress knots and kinks in your body while promoting a night of better sleep and an active lifestyle. Chair massage therapies bring along several health benefits for you.

Oh wait, what chair massage therapy? Do you have a massage chair to begin with?

If not, you definitely need one. Who can afford to go to a spa twice a week? Can you?

It is something that can take a toll on your bank account. So why not invest in a massage chair once and enjoy its comfort for years to come? Wouldn’t that be nice?

Alright. Even if you’re up for purchasing a massage chair, which one are you going to get? Have you thought about it?

There are numerous massage chair brands available in the markets these days. Each one of them comes with its own working idea and list of features.

To make the process of choosing and buying one convenient for you, I’m going to review two fabulous massage chair labels today, Human Touch and Cozzia. Let’s see what they bring to the club.

Human Touch Massage Chairs Cozzia Massage Chairs
Age It has been around for 40 years. It was founded in 2008.
Price Range $500-$8500 $1000-$7000
Design A mix of aesthetics and tech. Well-designed high-tech chairs.
Common Features Shiatsu, reflexology, heated rolling, tapping, kneading, and more. Kneading, tapping, heated vibrations and rolling, Sweedish, Shiatsu, and more.
Therapeutic Yes (According to the models) Yes
Durability Yes (Unquestionable) Yes (Strong)

Human Touch Massage Chairs

human touch massage chairs

Human Touch is undoubtedly the oldest brand in the massage chair market. It has been serving its customers for nearly 40 years now.

Their working idea is simple; they work more and more hard each day just to make the massage experience better for their customers. It is precisely the reason they have an excellent portfolio in the world of massage chairs, given all the high-tech features they’ve added into their massage chair line.

The best part of the story is that their massage chair models range between $500-$8500, which means they have something for everyone.

Familiar Features Found in Human Touch Massage Chairs

Now that we know how amazing of a brand Human Touch is, let’s dive into the little details. What is it about Human Touch massage chairs that everyone relies upon them?

Okay, let me walk you through a list of super features that Human Touch massage chairs bring along:

Almost every Human Touch massage chair model comes with a zero gravity massage feature. In fact, they were the first ones who ever introduced a zero gravity chair massage. Surprised, aren’t you?

A few of them have an S/L track design, so the rollers and airbags are incorporated within the frame of the massage chair.

Some of their massage chairs come with heated rollers in order to provide you with a relaxing heated massage.

The luxury models by Human Touch often come with a body scanning feature that helps you customize the massage techniques.

They offer many massage techniques, including vibrating, rolling, kneading, tapping, reflexology, Shiatsu, and the list goes on.

They mostly have adjustable arms and footrests. Henceforth, they’re suitable for taller individuals.

A few Human Touch massage chairs have Bluetooth and mobile app functionality as well, which makes them luxurious.

Top Human Touch Massage Chair Models

No wonder, Human Touch is a reliable brand when it comes to buying a massage chair.

So if you’re considering purchasing a massage chair anytime soon, I would recommend you to check out the following Human Touch massage chair models.

1. Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair
  • SMART MASSAGE CHAIR - Developed to utilize Alexa, this massager is your own Virtual Therapist at home. The intuitive...
  • ERGONOMIC UNIBODY TRACK - Designed with a unibody track that covers up to 60% more of the back than conventional massage...
  • 3D AND 4D PROGRAMS - This high-performance massager comes with 38 wellness programs that offer a unique experience for...
2. Human Touch WholeBody 5.1 Massage Chair
  • FULL BODY MASSAGE CHAIR - Engineered to provide you with an whole body massage right at the comfort of your home! This...
  • STRESS-REDUCING RELAXATION - Developed with the 3D FlexGlide Technology designed to deliver sensitive massage techniques...
  • ANGULAR SWIVEL BASE - Structured with a 55-degree swivel base that gives you the freedom to enjoy a massage from any...
3. Human Touch HT-5270 Massage Chair
  • HT-5270’s Acupoint Detection sensors automatically locate your acupressure points to effectively target the massage to...
  • The three auto massage programs, as well as the four individual massage modes replicate the techniques used by expert...
  • unique retractable foot and calf massager that stows hidden away when not in use.

Cozzia Massage Chairs

cozzia massage chairs

Here comes another US-based massage chair brand known as Cozzia. You must have heard its name? Isn’t it right?

After all, Cozzia has been serving us with remarkable designs and features for a really long time now. It was founded in 2008. They have a pretty simple philosophy; they always work towards making your resting time better. How kind is that?

Apart from that, Cozzia also works on the design of its massage chairs. If you observe a little, all of their massage chair models are different from another, unlike traditional massage chairs that all look the same to the eye.

Their massage chairs are priced according to the features and aesthetics, ranging from $1000-$7000.

Familiar Features Found in Cozzia Massage Chairs

Needless to say, Cozzia has been incorporating the best tech features in its massage chairs models for many years. At this point, there’s no tech advancement that the brand is missing out on.

A few standard features that you’ll find in pretty much all Cozzia massage chairs are as follows:

Many Cozzia massage chairs come with an L/S track frame, which is all the rage these days.

Several massage chairs by the label provide you with a three-dimensional massage. Henceforth, they’re known as 3D massage chairs.

They bring along heated rollers or sometimes a heating wand.

They provide multiple massage features. From Shiatsu to a zero gravity massage, Cozzia has got you covered.

A few may have body scanning features too, though they might be priced a bit higher.

Some of their new models come with Bluetooth, remote control tech, and mobile app functionality.

Most of them are recliners, yet the designs are space-saving.

Top Cozzia Massage Chair Models

Cozzia provides you with a wide range of massage chairs. Though each of them is great in its own way, there are a few that are ultimately the award-winning models. Let’s see which ones are the best so far:

1. Cozzia SV-200-29-DW Svago Lite
  • Zero Gravity Recliner with the Look and Feel of Fine Furniture
  • Convenient Remote Control allows you to Effortlessly Adjust the Back or Footrest to an Optimal Position.
  • Massage and Heat - Multi-pulse vibration nodes that gently massage away stress at the touch of a button and soothing...
2. Cozzia Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  • Massage Actions: Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, kneading, clapping, tapping, rolling,dual action, vibration,tri...
  • Zero Gravity: Elevates the knees to the level of the heart and brings the spine level to the ground.
  • Pre Programmed Massage: Six pre programmed massages with customizable strength, speed and intensity.
3. Cozzia CZ-629 Perfect Massage Chair
  • Advanced 3D Massage - a Deeper and More Human-Like Massage Experience. With 3D Massage Technology, the Roller Mechanism...
  • Easy-To-Use Wireless Tablet Interface - All of the Massage Options You Need at the Touch of Your Finger-Tip
  • Zero Gravity Position - Mimics the Position Astronauts Take During Liftoff for a Space Mission. This Position Reduces...

So before you jump into the buying procedure, research about the best ones thoroughly. It goes without saying that a massage chair isn’t a light investment.

Thereby, when you’re putting a significant amount of money into something, it’s always reasonable to give it a good thought beforehand. I hope my guide makes the process easier for you. I wish you well, my pals!

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