How to Get Insurance to Pay for a Massage Chair?

Getting an insurance company to pay for your new massage chair can be a little complicated. Yet, it is possible to get a portion of the entire cost of your massage chair covered under specific insurance plans.

How? Let's find it out!

A year ago when I purchased a new massage chair for my own use, I had no plans to get it covered by an insurance company. To tell you the truth, I have suffered a lot due to that one mistake.

Around four months ago, due to a massive storm and power surge, my massage chair almost breathed its last.

The sad part of the story is that I spent a considerable amount of money to get it repaired and working again. After that, a friend who has a massage chair as well suggested that I get it covered with a fine insurance plan.

Needless to say, the market of health insurance has become prominently stringent on what to and not to cover; hence, it is a high chance that you'd need to fight your case to get an acceptable insurance policy.

So, in case your insurance plan doesn't cover the cost of your new massage chair, you can look for other programs to offset the cost of your prized belonging.

understanding the insurance plan

A therapeutic massage chair is classified as a piece of medical equipment that is convenient and essential for personal use.

Hence, a medical equipment needs to be:

Durable, reasonable, and essential for every other patient.

It shouldn't be inappropriate for domestic usage.

It must serve a medical purpose.

It needs to withstand repeated use.

It should primarily take care of any physical injuries.

Although a massage chair is therapeutic, it is not always used for medical purposes unless prescribed by a health expert.

Besides, it isn't crucial to perform everyday life activities. It is mostly used for pain management and post-injury recovery.

Nonetheless, most insurance companies would require a prescription letter from a healthcare expert. The letter must state how your health may be in danger if a massage chair is not in use in order to provide cover for your pricey purchase.

Following are the two conditions that are required to get your massage chair covered by a reliable insurance company:

  • Hip replacement
  • Joint dislocation

However, every insurance company has a different plan, and they're often flexible.

All you need to do is confirm how your insurance company is going to cover your massage chair. Pay attention to the allowable clause in your contract with the firm.

Choosing the Correct Insurance Policy

choosing the correct insurance policy

There are numerous insurance plans that can cover your massage chair and its expenses.

After thorough research, I found a few ways you can get your massage chair insured even if it's not captured in the Medicare coverage codes.

General Liability Insurance

It is an insurance policy that covers you from incidents of ''trips and falls.''

So in case of any bodily harm to the massage chair, whether it's a fall or power surge, your general liability insurance plan would cover the cost for you.

I have opted for a general liability insurance plan as well, and truth be told, it has significantly reduced my worries. Purchasing and maintaining a massage chair isn't simple after all.

Business Personal Property Insurance

Here comes another practical option that you have. 

If God Forbid your massage chair gets stolen, or you lose it somehow, this amazing insurance policy would cover the entire cost, making your life easier and stress-free.

Other than the theft, your insured belongings would be covered in case of income loss, user injuries, fire damage, and more. The Hartford is one reliable company when it comes to business personal property insurance. 

Product Liability Insurance

Most of the people I know that have massage chairs at their homes have product liability insurance.

It doesn't entirely cover your massage chair, but it does include particular parts that are used in providing a massage.

Therefore, in case of any mechanical damage or malfunction in the massage chair, your insurance plan can jump in, and save you the trouble and repair bills.

Apart from them, there are hundreds of insurance policies that may cover chunks and bits of your massage chair, but I personally believe that the ones I have shared above are the safest options to go with.

If you’re up for a product liability insurance plan, don’t forget to check out Nationwide.

Read Through the Insurance Plan

read through the insurance plan

It goes without saying that you need to read through the insurance policy before approving the plan. Thus, please make sure it has a clause on covering medical-massage.

I know several insurance firms that don't cover massage chair therapy even if a specialist prescribes it.

Look through the insurance plan attentively in order to ensure that it allows you to cover the cost of your massage chair expenses. Or else, the prescription by your physician would be in vain.

Research Properly

how to maintain a massage chair

Research well and make sure therapeutic massage is an option to treat your ongoing health issues. 

In case massage isn't a recognised treatment for your present illnesses, your physician won't recommend chair massage therapies in the first place.

In some cases, you may need to provide them with proof, for instance, case reports that state massage chair benefits.

Consult a healthcare expert and discuss any symptoms you're going through along with the treatment methods you can opt.

As a matter of fact, doctors mostly prescribe pain relief OTC medicines as well as massage therapies as an alternative.

Convince your physician about prescribing you massage chair therapies as they're natural and come with minimal to no side effects.

Kinds of Massage

portable massage chair

While there are various types of massage therapies available these days, you specifically want your insurance company to cover your massage chair expenses. So let's work on it!

You'll require a medical prescription in order to get an insurance company to cover the cost of your massage chair or related expenses, be wary of ''massage chair'' therapy recommendation.

Insist on having a personal massage chair for at-home therapies instead of wellness spa recommendations.

In case your health care expert is skeptical about recommending massage chair therapies, address her/his concerns. This way, you may get a prescription about natural alternatives rather than medication alone.

After having a written approval for necessary massage therapies, send the authorization with attached documents to your insurance agent and get your massage chair insured at the earliest.

Take Care of Your Documents

take care of your documents

Your records are essential to get the insurance plan approved. You never know when the insurance company asks for a medical record; therefore, take care of your documents.

I remember when I got my massage chair insured around a month ago, my insurance agent asked for a medical prescription and a copy of the referral.

Hence, I can tell you with an experience that these documents are necessary to support your reimbursement.

In case of losing your records, you're going to be at risk of not getting the insurance plan approved, which can be troublesome.

At the end of the day, one thing that you need to understand is not all insurance firms regard massage therapies as a health treatment.

Thus, with all other things, don't make assumptions. Play your part practically here!

Pay Attention to the Maintenance

pay attention to the maintenance

Aside from getting your massage chair insured, you need to maintain and take care of a massage chair more than other home essentials.

If your massage chair is in regular use, it is certainly more prone to wear and tear.

So if you're not taking proper care of your massage chair, what makes you think an insurance company would do it for you?

Nevertheless, following are a few tips and tricks to keep your pricey product in a topnotch shape:

Regularly clean the upholstery of the massage chair, including every corner and crevice.

Make sure none of the cleaning solutions get inside, try and clean those pieces away from the chair.

Sweep out the dirt regularly using a damp, soft piece of cloth.

Ensure that it is completely dry before you use it every time. (A little moisture can hurt its mechanics)

Don't forget the oiling part, especially in the case of a leather massage chair. (You can also polish the leather instead)

Please do not keep it directly in the sunlight as it may increase the odds of leather damage.

Always keep your massage chair hooked to a surge protector.

Be careful with the sounds it makes. In case it sounds different, get professional help.

A massage chair is a prominent investment in itself. That being so, it is wise to get it insured, but it still doesn't change the fact that it requires care from you as well.

Summing up the article, you may or may not get a reasonable insurance plan for your massage chair, yet you need to try your best in all cases. At least, could you not repeat the mistake I made? 

I still regret not getting it insured earlier, and because of that, I have wasted a lot of money.

So, look up insurance plans today and get the best one immediately. May the odds be in your favour!

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