How Much Does a Massage Chair Weigh?

When talking about massage chairs, one of the most common questions that I get to hear is ‘How much does a massage chair weigh?’.

While it is a complicated question since the weight of a massage chair varies. Each one of them comes with a different weight class.

A lot of people I know are particularly concerned about its weight since they think it can void the warranty or damage the chair in general, which is not valid.

Well, after thorough research, I have finally found a few surprising answers to this question.

Following are a few high-end brands I checked up on for the weight as well as weight threshold of their massage chairs. So, let’s dig more into the details.

Massage Chair BrandsWeight Range
INADA150 to 180 lbs
OMEGA100 to 200 lbs
PANASONIC100 to 150 lbs
SANYOless than 100 lbs
HUMAN TOUCH100 to 150 lbs

Inada is a very reliable brand when it comes to buying a massage chair. Their massage chairs are efficient in all sorts of massage therapies and guess what? They don’t weigh much. 

Generally Inada massage chairs weigh around 150-180 lbs, which is understable considering the properties they bring along. 

They have a simple, easy-breezy slogan that states ‘if you can fit, you can sit’. Their massage chairs are not too heavy themselves, and they don’t have any additional weight limits.

You can easily drag their chairs wherever you like, and as far as your weight is concerned, if you can fit into the chair, you’re good to use it.

Omega Massage Chairs

Another famous name in the world of massage chairs is Omega.

After inquiring from their brand stores and online retailers, I was told that they have several massage chair models, and their weight class varies accordingly.

Omega M2 would weigh around 150 lbs; whereas, Omega 215 weighs between 100-200 lbs. The Montage Elite is a little heavier as it weighs more than 200 lbs.

Don’t be scared with these numbers; their weight-bearing capacity is high as well. They can easily stand up to 300 lbs.

Panasonic Massage Chairs

Panasonic is another highly efficient brand name if you’re looking to purchase a new massage chair. 

They offer exceptional features as well as remarkable quality.

While inquiring about the weight details of their massage chairs, I got to know that all their models weigh around 100-150 lbs and they can withstand a maximum user weight of 260 lbs.

Sanyo Massage Chairs

Sanyo, yet again, offers incredible features in their massage chairs. Surprisingly, they’re lightweight chairs and don’t weigh more than 100 lbs.

The best part of the story is that Sanyo massage chairs can comfortably hold up to 250 lbs of user weight, precisely the reason they always make up to the list of best massage chairs.

Human Touch Massage Chairs

Lastly, when speaking about massage chairs, how can you forget Human Touch?

They have weight-friendly massage chairs ranging from 100-150 lbs. Yet, one thing that you MUST take care of is the user weight-bearing capacity.

Human Touch massage chairs bring along a warranty that states the user must weigh less than 285 lbs. A user weighing more than 285 lbs can use the massage chair; however, if anything happens to it, it won’t be covered by the warranty.

Thus, I prefer to keep my massage chair in limited use. I certainly don’t want to put myself in an embarrassing position if anything happens to it. How?

Well, I cannot imagine anyone asking me about my weight when I call to avail the warranty services. 

Therefore, I believe it is better to be careful in the first place.

Ensure Optimal Weight

The higher the weight, the more mechanics are exploited, it is as simple as that.

Although there isn’t an exact capacity for user weight. A massage chair comes with pressure sensors, so in case of overpressure, you’ll get an alert.

Several experiments show that most massage chairs can handle weight up to 250 lbs and still perform well. Even though the durability of a massage chair varies as per the model and its making.

All in all, while talking about massage chairs, weight-related issues are quite rare. At least, I have never heard about massage chairs and weight problems.

A General Maintenance Guide

what is it really about massage chairs

Apart from its weight, your massage chair generally requires a lot of maintenance.

I reckon that purchasing a massage chair is a notable investment, but maintaining it is an entirely different story. 

So, here I have a few general tips that are going to help you keep your massage chair in a top notch condition.

Everyday Cleaning

In order to keep your massage chair’s upholstery shining as bright as it came new, be sure to clean it regularly.

If it’s a leather massage chair, simply wipe down the surface with a damp, soft piece of cloth. It’ll help remove any debris or dust.

In case of a fabric massage chair, use water and dish soap, and make a mixture. After that, dip a clean rag into the prepared mixture and gently clean the surface of your massage chair.

Please pay attention to all the exposed areas of your pricey chair, especially the dirty parts that may or may not be visible. It will help you in removing the stubborn dirt that can sit on your massage chair and significantly damage it.

Let me give you a practical tip here, my mother has a leather massage chair, and she recommends conditioning it every two weeks.

If you’re as particular about aesthetics as she is, it is a wise choice to get a leather conditioner and use it at least twice a month.

Occasional Deep Cleaning

Your massage chair isn’t any other piece of furniture that you occasionally dust away; it needs a deep cleaning.

Alright. I know it isn’t possible every day, but at least you can try doing it periodically.

With everyday use and accidental spills, there are numerous things that can negatively affect your massage chair.

To start with, you can use the simple rule of soak, clean, dry and repeat. After that, use a vacuum cleaner to clean every crevice and crack. Next, gently wash the outer surface of your chair using a mild soap and water. Ensure to get into every cranny and nook.

I would recommend deep cleaning the massage chair after every three to six months, depending on how often you use it.

Take Notes of the Trouble Signs

Unless you’re a massage chair expert, or formally trained in the particular field, trying to repair the mechanical parts of your massage chair is no less than a mistake.

Pay close attention to each and every sound your massage chair makes. In case of any irregular sign, be sure to consult a massage chair professional (preferably a person associated with massage chair manufacturers).

Other than that, make sure to look out for the following trouble signs:

Unknown noises.

Difficulty in switching the massage chair ON and OFF.

Failure to perform any specific function like reclining.

Problems in switching massage modes.

Besides all these signs and symptoms, you MUST refrain from using it unless it’s fixed.

Regular Usage

As strange as it may sound, your massage chair functions exactly like a car. If you’re not using it regularly, its mechanical components like gears and motors wouldn’t be lubricated.

Hence, with routine usage, the moving parts of your massage chair would stay in harmony.

Keeping this in mind, ensure that your massage chair is being regularly used. I’d say you should use it once every two weeks or more if you’re like me. 

I am guilty of overusing mine, I know it isn’t funny but God help me, I love massage chair therapies!

Consider the Environment

Lastly, take good care of the environment your chair is in, including every element it is exposed to.

Let me give you an example here; I used to keep my chair right next to the window. But what happened after that? 

Due to direct exposure to the sun, the upholstery of my massage chair started fading and eventually it developed lots of cracks, making it appear old and unattractive.

Adding to it, be careful about who has access to your prized possession. Again, here comes the weight! Do not overburden your prized possession!

Children as well as pets or heavier individuals, can prominently damage your massage chair, so it may be better off in a different room that’s a bit private.

A massage chair isn’t something inexpensive as we all know it. But trust me, it is worth the purchase. I know its maintenance can sometimes be challenging, yet it isn’t as complicated as you may think it is.

I remember I bought my massage chair for $2500 and for me, it was like breaking my bank. 

Hence, making a little effort and taking considerable measures is indeed a wise thing.

Summing it up, you now know that your massage chair doesn’t weigh more than your couch, and it certainly isn’t hard to manage. 

Follow the simple guidelines I have shared above and keep your massage chair looking lovely, massaging smoothly, and running perfectly for years ahead. Penny for your thoughts?

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