How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

I am the biggest advocate of massage chairs you’ll ever get to meet.

Why? Maybe you’re not aware of it, but massage chairs bring along a massive number of health benefits for you.

They’re a natural solution to all the OTC pain relief medicines, sleep-inducing drugs, relaxing agents, and whatnot?

If you have a massage chair of your own, you’ll know why I am saying what I am saying. After all, they’re popular for a reason.

Despite all the benefits they provide you with, one looming question that remains in everyone’s mind is ‘how much does a massage chair costs?’

People usually think of it as a luxury even though it isn’t entirely true.

I reckon that purchasing a massage chair is a significant investment initially, but I’d say it’s cost-effective in the long run.

How? Well, it is going to save all those spa bills, fuel cost as well as wellness club’s membership charges that may otherwise become heavier on the pocket.

Nevertheless, the cost of a massage chair is usually a debatable topic. Yet, one thing that I would like to add here is that different brands have different prices. Not all high-end massage chairs are expensive; it all comes down to the features they bring for you.

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High-end therapeutic massage chairs provide you with numerous massage techniques and features.

They’re designed to bring you the comfort you crave. As the price goes higher, so does the attributes and technology of the massage chair. It is as simple as that!

Here I have mentioned a few features that may affect the cost of your massage chair. In simple words, they buckle up the price of the massage chair.

Body scanning feature to customize body massage settings.

Zero-gravity reclining feature.

Advanced rollers for body ache relief.

Airbags for personalized massage pressure.

Minimal space-consuming design.

Full-body heating elements.

Reflexology massage feature for limbs’ massage.

Advanced touchscreen remote.

App functionality and Bluetooth speakers.

Price Rates of Massage Chairs.

If you visit the market often, you’ll know that a decent massage chair costs between $2000-2500. 

Still, there are options that go higher than that.

You can find massage chairs ranging from $500 to $10,000. Again, everything depends on the quality and features of the massage chair at the end of the day.

Massage Chairs Below the Range of $500

massage chairs below 500

You’ll find a number of options under $500. They’d be designed using faux leather having minimal massage options with a single massage intensity.

They may or may not have the heating wand, depending on the brand. Some of them may come with a remote so that you can easily manage the intensity of the massage.

Let’s have a look at the options you have under $500:

  1. Human Touch 200-SOL-OO1 Shiatsu Massage Chair
  2. BestMassage E-C-69 
  3. Bruntmor’s Adjustable Massage Chair 
  4. Giantex Full-Body Massage Chair
  5. Relaxzen 60-078011 
  6. BestChoice Recliner Massage Chair 
  7. Esright Massage Recliner Chair
  8. Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair

Massage Chairs Ranging From $500-$1000

massage chairs below 1000

Massage chairs between $500-$1000 mostly provide a full-body massage with airbag technology. 

They provide you with several massage programs, yet all of them would be pre-set.

A few of them may bring along in-built heating elements as well. Following are a few examples that may help you choose the one you’re looking for:

  1. Max Relax Zero Gravity Full-Body Recliner
  2. Real Relax Reclining Massage Chair
  3. OOTORI N500
  4. Mayakoba Shiatsu Massage Chair
  5. Sinoluck Full-Body Massage Chair
  6. Smart Massage Chairs Zero Gravity Recliner
  7. Apex iCozy
  8. Omega Aires

Massage Chairs Ranging From $1000-$2000

massage chairs below 2000

Massage chairs between this range often bring along the s-track feature that gives you a relaxing massage from your tailbone to your neck and shoulders.

They usually come with a traditional remote control system so you can easily manage the massage programs. A few perfect options ranging between $1000-$2000 are as follows:

  1. BestMassage EC27
  2. TrueRelax Reclining Massage Chair
  3. EU Trumedic MC-750
  4. Anga Aristocratic Massage Chair
  5. BQC Multi-Functional Massage Chair
  6. FocRelaxer Zero Gravity
  7. BQC Capsule
  8. BestMassage Dollar Bill

Massage Chairs Ranging From $2000-$3000

massage chairs between 2000 to 3000

These massage chairs usually come with the zero-gravity feature, which is very useful for vertebrae and spinal issues.

The zero-gravity feature of such massage chairs help recline your body, and you feel absolutely weightless while enjoying a full-body massage. Sounds impressive, doesn't it?

Here I have a list of some incredible options ranging from $2000-$3000:

  • Human Touch Whole-Body 7.1
  • Titan TP-Pro 8400
  • Osaki OS-4000T
  • OOTORI S-Track
  • Fujita DR5
  • Inner balance J5600 3D
  • Apex AP-Pro Ultra Massage Chair
  • Jakroo Electric Massage Chair

Massage Chairs Ranging From $3000-$4000

massage chairs below 3000

Massage chairs within the given range generally bring along 7-8 preset massage techniques.

Some of them have an advanced remote with touchscreen feature so you can enjoy a customized body massage. They also bring along a full-body scanner, which makes them even fancier.

Let’s have a look at the massage chair options you have in this price range:

  1. Human Touch ZeroG 5.0
  2. Anga Zero Gravity Massage Chair
  3. Osaki OS-Pro Maxim
  4. BQC Automatic Electric Massage Chair
  5. Casada Alphasonic
  6. Titan Lucas Electric Massage Chair
  7. Jakroo Recliner
  8. Tsukino JP1214

Massage Chairs Ranging From $4000-$5000

massage chairs below 4000

Massage chairs in this price range have an in-built mp3 decoder as well as Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy a massage while listening to your favourite songs.

These massage chairs mostly bring along infrared heating technology. Besides, they come with body scanners so you can have a customised body massage as per your liking and comfort.

Adding to it, they have an automatic tilting feature, which is great for people with backache issues.

They have great limb massage features, they do not just massage your feet but the calf muscles as well using the feet roller technology. The footrest in such massage chairs is generally expandable, which is helpful for taller users.

Below are a few good options ranging between $4000-$5000:

  1. Human Touch Bali Massage Chair
  2. Osaki OS-Pro Alpina
  3. uDeluxe Massage Chair
  4. Jakroo Health Spa Massage Chair
  5. AP-Pro Regal
  6. uDiva 2 Massage Sofa
  7. Uknead Lohas L-Track
  8. Osaki OS-Pro Soho

Massage Chairs For $5000 & Above

massage chairs above 5000

These massage chairs have certain unique features. It is primarily the reason why their prices are higher than others. Most of them come with multi-layer padding and pillows along with a detachable headrest.

They often bring along triple reflexology features for your feet and hand massage. You’ll find most of these massage chairs come with spinal decompression feature, which makes them perfect for treating spinal issues.

Adding to it, you can customise the massage as per your liking. Let me introduce you to some of the best state-of-the-art massage chairs:

  1. Human Touch Novo XT2
  2. Fujiiryoki EC-3800
  3. Osaki JP Premium 4.0
  4. Medical Breakthrough 6
  5. Jing Electric Capsule
  6. Bodyfriend Pharaoh
  7. Pegasus DWA-9400
  8. Panasonic MAJ7 Real Pro

Difference Between Expensive and Inexpensive Massage Chairs

Apparently, I have established that there are prominent differences between different massage chairs as per their price range.

Yet, a few common differences between expensive and inexpensive massage chairs are as follows:

Inexpensive massage chairs have a lower number of vibration motors as compared to higher-priced massage chairs.

The remotes of expensive massage chairs usually come with a touchscreen, and they’re often more advanced.

Cheap massage chairs seldom provide heat therapy features.

Most of the inexpensive massage chairs lack the function of providing you with a full-body therapeutic massage.

Expensive massage chairs mostly bring along zero-gravity features and are recliners, perfect for people with a backache.

Expensive massage chairs carry entertainment features for you, for example, Bluetooth speakers, MP3 player, and more.

Inexpensive options lack the quality of scanning your body. Hence, having customized body massages is rarely a choice.

The higher your massage chair is priced, the more and better massage choices it is going to bring for you. Quite some differences, no? Bingo, the list goes on!

Another prominent difference between the two that I’d like to highlight here is that expensive massage chairs offer relatively safe warranties. After all, a warranty matters the most when you’re purchasing a commodity at a higher price.

Make no mistake; a massage chair has become an essential part of our lives given the properties it brings along.

I personally believe it is all about an initial investment. It is only cost-effective as the time shall pass, and you’ll see it through. So why waste time and why not purchase a massage chair right away? I’m certain investing in one is going to be worth the money.

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