Do Massage Chairs Help Ease Back Pain?

If you, my friend, have found yourself on this page, then the reason behind it can ultimately be filtered down to either because of being subject to back-pains or affiliated ailments, attempting to find a sufficient remedy for eradicating the continuous aches.

Well, first off, there is nothing to be discouraged about, since you are not alone, suffering through such a troublesome Vertebrae. 

According to statistics released by the American Chiropractic Association, a sheer aggregate of nearly 31-million Americans suffer from back-pains at particularly any given time.

While back pain alone, have according to mass surveys conducted, accounted for a whopping total of 264 million lost days of work; thus, significantly decreasing worker productivity along with efficiency. 

With the statistical portion regarding those suffering from back pains, within the United States of America covered up, I am sure you are here on this post intending to find a definite answer to whether Massage Chairs Help Ease Back Pain.

The solution itself; although, is relatively more complicated than it may seem.

To be able to give a comprehensive insight into how effective a massage chair can be with relieving back-pains or Vertebrae related ailments, I have chosen to divide this post into varying sub-sections for best optimizing user understandability. 

So hold on tight, and keep on reading to get the answer you are seeking. 

the extent of back pain
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The initial; yet, the most crucial step of analyzing whether the back-pain you are suffering from or your loved one may be suffering from can be cured, is identifying the severity of the ailment itself.

For successfully determining the severity of the pain, a medical practitioner is required. 

Under certain extreme cases where a prospective user may be suffering from a dislocated spinal disc, the utilization of a massage chair with the ability to deliver a deep-tissue massage experience may prove a grave mistake.

The Vertebrae becomes unusually sensitive to touch, or movement in cases of spinal disorders, and any uncalculated or un-controlled touch can stimulate the severity of the pain rather than cure the issue at hand. 

If in case; however, your medical practitioner advises it safe for you or your loved ones to revert to the utilization of an active massage chair, then the answer of whether a massage chair can help ease back pain is, Yes!

However, do keep in mind that the solution itself consists of several components which each user or patient suffering from Vertebrae affiliated pains needs to ensure for attaining the most reliable results effectively. 

Eager to find out what those components may be, well then, keep on reading. Without any further adieu, let's get right into the crux of the topic, shall we!

Features that Alleviate Back Pain

massage chair features
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Although Massage chairs play a notable role with easing back pains or aches, even in cases, balancing out incorrect postures; however, such ideal results can only be achieved once the most suitable massage chair is utilized for the purpose.

With the massage chair industry ever-expanding and changing, before purchasing a massage chair for relieving your troublesome backaches, or chronic pain, it is best advised to opt for models incorporated with an adequate number of features to alleviate the pain from the targeted area itself. 

The features I am referring to in particular can be found mentioned below, be sure to give them a thorough read for fully understanding their role within the process of physically healing the Vertebrae.

Furthermore, ensure that the massage chair finalized for purchasing has a majority of the beneficial features incorporated inside its functioning, if not all the features. 

Let's start, shall we! 


zero gravity massage chair
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First and foremost, is the availability of a Zero-gravity feature integrated within the finalized massage chair. What is Zero-Gravity?

Well, a bit self-explanatory, Zero-gravity works with placing each user in a specialized; yet, an automatically set reclined position which mimics the stance of astronauts right before shuttle take-off.

Such a reclined position places the user in a posture which ensures that the heart is placed lower than the legs of each user to increase blood circulation; thus, eradicating any imbalanced pressure being placed on the Vertebrae. 

Specific models in particular, for example, have integrated within 2-stage or 3-stage Zero-gravity positioning.

Varying stages are usually, or most commonly found in the latest models, to effectively adjust the anatomy of each user to the stance.

For patients suffering from back-pains and aches, sudden movements or being placed in unusually reclined positions can prove to have adverse effects; thus, the introduction of gradual stages of Zero-gravity, for optimized benefits. 

3D Massage Rollers

massage rollers
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When choosing a massage chair model or manufacturer to ease back or Vertebrae affiliated pains, it is always best advised to opt for ones who have 3D technology massage rollers integrated inside.

Within the massage chair industry, 3D technology has gained sheer popularity, mainly due to the compelling benefits it has to offer each user. 

3D technology, when integrated into the form of rollers, can deliver an optimally effective  massage experience which incorporates along with successfully provides a hand-like massage session.

3D roller motions can mimic the hand-like movements of professional masseuse within the industry; thus, eliminating the need for patients of back-pain or chronic Vertebrae aches to make daily, yet, costly visits to a professional masseuse. 

S-Track or SL Track Rollers

sl track roller massage chairs
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Staying within the reign of discussing the kind of rollers integrated inside a massage chair, I would now like to shed light onto the type of rollers you should opt for when finalizing upon a massage chair ideal for your ailment in particular.

In this case, S-track or SL-track based massage rollers are both ideal with effectively and adequately targeting the Vertebrae of users.

Optimized; yet, the highly enhanced massage coverage area is delivered regardless of whether prospective buyers opt for an L-track based massage roller or an SL-track based massage roller chair. 

The difference between the two different kinds of massage chair rollers?

Well, although both are equally effective with eradicating or lowering Vertebrae affiliated back pains; however, an SL-track based roller massage chair takes the beneficial value it delivers to each user a notch further.

An L-track based massage roller initiates a deep-tissue massage therapy from the nape of the neck, delivering massage motions till the lower thighs; thus effectively relieving patients from pain following constant, and continuous utilization. 

While an SL-track based massage rollers not only delivers the effectiveness of an L-track based roller massage experience but at the same time can provide massage motions mimicking an S-shape.

The additional S-track based movements merged with an L-track can optimize the massage experience by targeting core acupuncture points integrated within the anatomy of each user.

Stimulation of core acupuncture points within the Vertebrae is a necessary process of not only healing the Vertebrae by loosening strain trapped within but also for effectively balancing out an imbalanced posture. 

Automatic Body Scanner

automatic body scanner in massage chairs
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An automatic body scanner is another extremely crucial component within the puzzle which empowers a massage chair to be able to ease pain pains or back related ailments effectively.

None of the benefits delivered by any of the features mentioned above can be optimized if an automatic body-scanner is not incorporated inside a massage chair.

An automatic body-scanner enables a massage chair to deliver an experience best customized to the body type, as well as body frame of each user. 

Once a full-body scan has been carefully carried out by the technology integrated within the purchased massage chair, all massage nodes including the rollers and airbags are adjusted for best catering to the distinctive body type of each user.

Featuring the ability to locate core acupuncture points within the Vertebrae of each user, via a full body massage chair scanning, users can best bask in the beneficial properties a comprehensive massage experience has to offer an imbalanced or a troublesome Vertebrae. 

Heat Transmitters

Another crucial feature I would like to educate you about, regarding the effective utilization of a massage chair with the main aim of relieving back pains or aches is heat therapy delivered via heat transmitters.

Although within the industry, heat transmitters can be found integrated into every other massage chair model; yet, the one to pick out for eradicating Vertebrae related issues is the model which has a sufficient number of heat transmitters embedded in the area targeting the lumbar or the Vertebrae of each user. 

Enhanced levels of heat therapy, when targeted towards core acupuncture points in the Vertebrae of users adequately, functions with loosening up compressed muscles and nerves; thus, stimulating Vertebrae health. 

Yoga Stretch

yoga stretch
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Although not as necessary as the remaining features mentioned above in this post, Yoga-Stretching, when incorporated within a massage chair, provides additional value for prospective buyers suffering from Vertebrae affiliated ailments.

Yoga stretching places users in reclined forms which aid with stretching each user to not only loosen up a stiff Vertebrae but also for improving the overall balance of the Spinal Cord. 

Furthermore, aside from stimulating a healthy Vertebrae, utilization of the 'Yoga Stretch' feature regularly can work with carefully enhancing the flexibility of the human body resulting in higher body tolerance to injury or prospective physical accidents.

Automatic Massage Settings

Although a majority of massage chairs have integrated within their functioning technology, several automatically preset massage sessions.

However, the most effective of their kind of massage chairs in the market sphere are those that give preference to maximize the quality of automatically preset massage sessions rather than delivering the maximum quantity of preset massage settings. 

Massage chairs manufactured under Medical Breakthrough, for example, take into account the professional advice of a wholesome group of therapists and medical practitioners before designing and integrating their specialized preset programs inside their models.

Opting for massage chairs which have incorporated inside them specialized, highly advanced preset massage features is what is best advised, at least from my side as being the expert.

Now, with all said and done, the central question of whether massage chairs aid with easing back pain can best be answered, so although we have reached the end of this post, I would advise to keep on reading. 

Yes! massage chairs play an extensive and a highly prominent role with not only alleviating back or Vertebrae affiliated pains but also with optimizing the overall body wellbeing so that the anatomy can best sustain along with heal from possible physical injuries.

The ability of a massage chair to heal your chronic pains and Vertebrae associated aches; however, depends entirely upon the kind of massage chair you have finalized upon purchasing. 

So good luck, and do tell me about your experience with the utilization of massage chairs for Vertebrae-related pain alleviation. 

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