Can a Massage Chair Improve Your Health?

Are you unsure of whether massage chairs deliver physical and psychological benefits to users?

Are you looking to save personal time and money, by converting to massage chair therapy instead of spending thousands of dollars on daily spa sessions?

Well, my friend, If you have found yourself here, skimming through this post, let me assure that this is the right place to be. 

Unlike other websites within the market, as a professional within the industry of massage chairs, the purpose of this post, in particular, will not be to sell you various brands of massage chairs, but to educate you regarding their limitless benefits.

Once you are fully aware of all the bounties massage chairs have to provide following continuous utilization, the choice of purchasing a massage chair is entirely yours; thus, helping me accomplish my job, of a Massage Chair Professor.

massage chair for health
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According to credible sources, the massage chair industry within the year 2018, grew to a whopping $1040.1 Million business segment while forecasting suggests the industry to expand to an estimated aggregate of $1754 Million by the year 2027.

Why was such a drastic growth predicted or forecasted, though, would probably be the next natural question in mind.

My dear digital students, such growth is mainly due to the sheer number of physical as well as psychological benefits the utilization of an active massage chair has to offer. 

What benefits am I referring to would by this time be your next question, and a very valid one in this case, which is why I have decided to entirely dedicate this post to comprehensively discuss the role a massage chair has in improving the health or the overall well-being of users.

Without any further delays, let's begin, shall we! 

relaxation of tensed muscles
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A stress-induced 9 to 5 work routine drives today's world.

Regardless of whether you may be running your own business or an employee of some international organization, the tension can build up to cause pressure upon the muscles as well as nerves.

Such an eventual yet a significant pressure build-up can as a result not only decrease blood-circulation levels but also affect the posture and the overall well-being of the anatomy. 

A massage chair; thus, when utilized on a daily or even a regular basis aids with delivering specialized massage motions, regardless of whether in the form of automatic massage programs or even manual massage sessions.

Massage motions delivered via massage chairs are mostly in the form of tapping, kneading, vibration, roller, or even yoga-stretching movements to help loosen up tightened muscles/nerves.

Specialized motion techniques target strained muscles with the aid of a full-body massage session with the ultimate aim to optimize muscle flexibility; therefore, relaxing the anatomy as well as improving an imbalanced body posture. 

If in case you at any point in life find yourself suffering from chronic body pains caused due to tensed muscles or even an imbalanced posture, then according to my experience as well as research studies carried out, active muscle relaxation via daily massage chair utilization can carefully decrease if not entirely eradicate chronic pains. 

Spike Up Endorphins Levels

endorphin levels
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Also otherwise known as the 'happy hormones' within the anatomy, Endorphins are the chemicals released inside the body primarily responsible for the 'feel good' sensations.

Access to regular massage sessions can help not only relax the anatomy physically but additionally rejuvenate the psychological state; therefore, stimulating the formation and then the eventual release of enhanced levels of endorphins. 

With the increased levels of Endorphins, a positively induced state of mind is achieved which not only plays a significant role with lowering anxiety and stress being felt particularly by those subject to a busy work routine but also increases anatomy recovery capabilities. 

Enhances Lymphatic Flow

lymphatic flow
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As mentioned previously as well, continuous and constant strain or tension placed upon nerves or muscles can not only cause the blood circulation to slow down but as a result, cause eventual fatigue along with exhaustion.

Effective massage therapy, particularly via L-track or even SL-track 3-D roller massage sessions, can successfully decrease if not entirely eradicate tension trapped within the anatomy. 

Relaxation of strained muscles/nerves, through an optimal quality massage session via a massage chair can drastically enhance blood circulation levels; thus, increasing the movement of the Lymphatic flow within the body.

Enhanced levels of blood flow allow for an increase in the levels of nutrients being absorbed into the body along with optimizing the well-being of each user.

With a rapid surge in the increased lymphatic movement, toxins found within the anatomy can more effectively be removed further playing an integral role in improving the general functioning of the bodily system.

Boosted Levels of Energy

enhanced energy levels
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Fatigue and exhaustion for many subject to a stress-induced work routine is a daily struggle which integrates chronic muscle aches as well as pains.

Massage chairs, particularly those specialized in delivering an optimal level full-body massage experience, are an excellent form of not only reducing such pain-affiliated ailments but also enhancing the overall well-being of each user. 

With the reduction of pain-associated ailments, energy levels and the overall anatomy physical productivity can be significantly increased.

Think about it yourself, will you not be able to work more effectively once a majority of your constantly aching muscles are relaxed and best rejuvenated? 

With the aid of an optimal full-body massage experience frequently delivered, massage motions such as kneading, deep-tissue roller 3D massage sessions, vibration as well as stretching can refresh, revitalize and energize the anatomy. 

Ensure a Better & Comfortable Sleep

comfortable sleep
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When talking about relaxation and rejuvenation, it is entirely safe to say that massage chairs while energize the physical body, but psychologically relieve the cognition from stress or tension; thus, enhancing the ability of each user to sleep peacefully.

Of course, I am not stating that a regular massage chair can cure insomnia; sorry to disappoint, but those suffering from lack of sleep or a disturbed sleep pattern due to stress can benefit from daily massage chair deep-therapeutic sessions. 

A majority of the full-body massage chairs available within the market sphere significantly target both the spinal area of each user, as well as the nape of the neck via both roller massage motions along with air-bags based compression motions.

Releasing strain from the Vertebrae and the shoulder/neck area is integral for delivering relief to users, particularly in the case of migraines.

So, my friend, if it is a more recuperative level of sleep you are in search of, then look no further, an active full-body 3D massage chair is the answer. 

Balanced Blood Circulation

enhanced blood circulation
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Within the 20th century, where a mass population is driven by work and profession, high levels of stress and strain build-up upon the body due to no time off can prove to have extremely adverse effects if not dealt with appropriately.

In an anatomy induced with stress/pressure or strain, nerves are compressed which are responsible for ensuring adequate blood circulation; therefore, decreasing its levels.

Massage chairs regardless of whether you opt for models within the $1500 monetary budget or even a $5000 budget frame, have incorporated within specialized automatic massage sessions. 

Automatically preset massage sessions are specifically designed to target clogged or compressed nerves or acupuncture points with an optimally relaxing massage session to release the otherwise slowed down blood-circulation.

Increased blood circulation, as a result, works not only with relaxing the pressure upon the muscles but also with increasing oxygen distribution more effectively. 

Optimized Body Posture

optimized body posture
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Medical based massage chairs, particularly those manufactured for targeting the Vertebrae or the spinal area of users, are ideal for prospective buyers suffering from chronic back-aches or related ailments. 

Medical-based massage chairs have incorporated within highly specialized Zero-gravity programs, as well as SL or L-track deep-tissue massage rollers, each of which plays a significant role in restoring a healthy Vertebrae.

Targeting the Vertebrae or the Lumbar back area, through the stimulation of acupuncture points regularly, with the aid of an effective; yet, a consistent medical massage chair has proven to work with lifting pressure from the Vertebrae; thus, relieving users from a stiff back. 

Via the utilization of a massage chair merging zero-gravity features and yoga-stretch motions can incredibly relaxing the strained muscles within the Vertebrae, making way for a balanced posture.

Therefore, if in case you suffer from constant backaches, and are fed up with them, then I would suggest saving up for purchasing a reliable massage chair rather than making daily visits to the spa to relieve yourself from the excruciating regular pains.

An Enhanced Well-being

an enhanced well being
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By well-being, what I am referring to is a strengthened immune system.

Once blood flow within the anatomy is reduced, a slowed down lymphatic flow can delay the eradication of toxins; thus, increasing the chances of viral-infection based invasions. 

An enhanced blood circulation, as a result, stimulates the lymphatic flow; thus, not only increases the levels of antioxidants within the body to fight off viral toxins but also enhances the frequency of germs/toxins exiting the anatomy. 

Mentioned previously as well, regular massage sessions, work in increasing the percentage of Endorphins released within the human body.

Increased Endorphins, as a result, optimize the body's ability to relieve pain, improve the overall mood of users, enhance the anatomy's physical healing process and eventually improving the immune system strategically. 

Massage at Your Convenience

massage at your own convenience
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As minor of a benefit as it may seem to you, a massage chair can provide users with an effective; yet, an incredibly consistent massage experience upon their convenience.

The psychological stress of making daily visits to the spa, through the rush-hour traffic routine, and the physically draining process of motivating yourself to make your way to the therapist in the cold, or even the scorching heat can add up to causing adverse effects when done daily. 

A massage chair in that case, when available within the comfort of your home/workplace or your own desired choice of location saves users the inconvenience of not only the physical exertion of making daily visits to the spa or masseuse but also is financially relieving upon the credit/debit card. 

With the constant work done on updating massage chair models and technology by manufacturing giants, the massage chair industry is now filled with the latest of rejuvenating technology which aims at delivering a 3D, hand-like massage session to each user; thus, optimizing user-convenience. 

Increases Creativity

increases creativity
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Are you within the creative field?

Has your hectic routine seemed to have halted your cognitive ability to generate or develop grand creative output levels?

Well then, my friend, I would highly recommend that you introduce yourself to the world of massage chairs.

Why though? it's much simpler than you think.

A massage chair by now has been established to optimize levels of relaxation and psychological relief via specialized massage sessions. 

Psychological relaxation and the stance of a rejuvenated body aids with significantly allowing the mind to open up and stimulate the cognitive abilities.

With no disruptions caused as a result of regular body pains and related ailments, the brain is best able to get a bigger, better picture of the relevant problem at hand whether of a creative nature or a strategic category. 

Although within this post, I have mentioned only 10 of the core benefits massage chairs can deliver to each user over an eventual basis of regular utilization, the list itself does not end there.

The reason behind my constant fascination with massage chairs is primarily due to the sheer number of beneficial effects it has not only on the physical anatomy of users but also the psychological ability of each user. 

If by now, you have found yourself intrigued with the world of massage chairs, then hold on tight and wait for my next session in the form of blog posts, to move one step closer to being a massage chair PRO within the industry.

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