What is the Best Time to Use a Massage Chair?

Are you suffering from body aches, sore muscles, insomnia, or anxiety and stress?

These are some of the health issues that I can relate to. 

A year ago, I had to go through the worst muscle spasms and backache. Why? Merely because of my hectic routine and lack of sleep! 

Due to all these problems, I used to stay anxious a good part of the day.

With all the research and visits to various physicians, I finally found a little secret, a magic therapy for all my health issues. It was chair massage! 

You’re surprised, aren’t you?

Massage therapies are actually quite beneficial for the body.

They are indeed considered a natural solution for all issues like body aches, muscles spasms, insomnia, anxiety, stress and more.

That being so, the demand for massage chairs has increased dramatically.

best time to use a massage chair

Needless to say, hiring a masseur every other day or going to a spa can be pretty expensive. 

For this reason, having a massage chair at home is a perfect idea so you can enjoy its benefits in the comfort of your place.

I remember when I purchased a massage chair six months ago, I wanted to enjoy its amazing merits all day, every day.

Let me clear something here, spending more time on a massage chair doesn’t mean you’ll get additional benefits.

In fact, it can affect your health negatively as you may know that excess of everything is terrible.

Nevertheless, you must know when to use a massage chair and for how long.

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A massage chair can provide you with maximum benefits when used for short periods, like 15-20 minutes.

Within the short intervals of time, you can enjoy a significant number of benefits from your chair massage sessions.

From personal experience, I can say that chair massage therapy is really good with muscle injuries; still, therapy sessions longer than 15 minutes can aggravate the present injuries, or it may injure you on its own.

However, it isn’t something to worry about, just make sure not to overuse it.

Apart from that, please learn to use the massage chair at moderate intervals. It is that one thing I learnt the hard way. 

Initially, when I purchased one for my home, I was so happy and excited that I used to take hours of massage.

I know it is idiotic, I don’t even want to recall the muscle injuries I developed.

It is also said that prolonged use of a massage chair can affect your CNS (Central Nervous System) as well, let alone damage the muscles and tissues.

Thus, in order to enjoy the benefits of a massage chair while achieving great results, use it for small intervals of time.

Also, it is advised to practice mild exercises right after taking a chair massage session. 

It helps in removing the toxins that are released during a massage therapy session.

If you’re too lazy to exercise, try drinking lots and lots of water instead. It is another way to remove those toxins released during the massage.

The Perfect Time to Use a Massage Chair

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As I mentioned above, chair massage is best when taken for short time spans. The best time to use a massage chair is 15 minutes at least and 20 minutes maximum.

Although the frequency-time to use a massage chair varies on the body part you need to use it for. 

For example, I purchased a massage chair when backache was no less than a nightmare for me, my physician then recommended me to take a chair massage 3-4 times every week. 

Now I can say that it was a wise decision since my backache entirely vanished.

For people with neck and spinal issues, experts recommend taking four-chair massage sessions every week.

Similarly, to get rid of stress and anxiety, 2-3 chair massage sessions are more than enough to work.

It doesn’t matter why you need a massage; the massage session shouldn’t exceed more than 15-20 minutes.

As the tech world is getting better by day, several massage chairs come with an in-built timer, so they automatically shut down after the set time.

Besides the time limit, you ought to figure when you need to have a massage chair session.

Let me share an example with you!

Since I have sleep-related issues from a really long time now, I prefer to take a massage chair session before I sleep.

It helps regulate my sleep cycle, and it calms my mind and body, making me all relaxed and sleepy.

Isn’t it wonderful?

I have found a natural alternative to sleep-inducing agents.

Similarly, you can figure out the best time to use a massage chair by keeping your health requirements in mind.

For instance, if you have issues with digestion, it is good to take a chair massage after having lunch.

Or, if you feel lethargic in the morning, there’d be no better start to the day than using a massage chair for merely a few minutes. 

A Few Benefits of Using Massage Chairs

It goes without saying that massage chairs have a number of benefits.

You may be a little scared of the information I have given above, but you’re not aware of the excellent benefits massage chairs bring along.

So, here I am going to shed some light on a few benefits a massage chair provides.

Improves blood circulation

it improves blood circulation

Chair massage is very useful in improving the blood flow of the body as it dilates the veins and blood vessels, and as a result, increases the blood circulation. 

For people with light or heavy exercise routine, it helps by widening the tissues and pores of the body; thereby, allowing smooth blood circulation.

Sharing chunks and bits of my personal experience here; it has helped me a great deal in getting rid of my anxieties and stress.

It comes with an ability to release endorphins, making you happier and active.

Perfect Spinal Alignment

provides spinal alignment
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Your spine is subject to pressure because of various activities in everyday life, like a workout, household work, and more.

The pressure compresses your spinal nerves making it a quite hurtful phenomenon.

Chair massage can aid your spine with perfect alignment and posture.

A few minutes of chair massage can assist in providing a comfortable position to your spine while eliminating the pain.

I am the person who’s very concerned about her posture. I believe incorrect posture is the root cause of many health issues. 

Due to my desk job, I had to sit in front of a medium-height table and work for hours, precisely why maintaining a comfortable and healthy spinal position had become complicated for me. 

Thankfully, my massage chair has solved the issue for me.

A massage chair works by addressing the imbalances in your body, relaxes your spine, and improves the muscle grip.

Better Sleep

better sleep

I have been looking for a natural alternative of sleep-inducing agents for years, and I have finally come to terms that there is nothing better than a massage chair.

As a matter of fact, a little while of chair massage at night can effectively improve your quality of sleep. 

It is something that will relax your body by losing the tightened muscles; hence, taking you into a peaceful euphoric state.

I still have sleeping issues as most of the time; I find it hard to fall asleep even after staying in bed for hours. 

For such reasons, I take 2-3 sessions of chair massage every week and to tell you the truth; it has significantly improved my sleep cycle.

Overuse of Massage Chairs

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You may get to experience some severe side effects in case of overusing a massage chair, including headache, backache, sore muscles, and the list goes on.

If you prefer deep tissue massage therapy, take good care of the timings as the overuse can ultimately cause moderate to severe headaches.

When I started overusing my massage chair, I experienced lots of bruising, and you know, it really hurts.

After making all such mistakes, I began my journey of researching about massage chairs and the appropriate way to use them. 

While taking a chair massage, certain toxins, as well as enzymes, are released in the body.

In case of overusing the massage chair, those enzymes and toxins may cause a muscle inflammation.

It is precisely the reason why experts recommend drinking lots of water after the massage session.

Apart from that, there are many other unfavourable effects that it may cause, for example, fatigue, abnormal blood flow, low blood sugar level, body hives, bruises, and allergies due to massage chair’s material.

Concluding the article, massage chairs are incredibly effective to get rid of body aches, muscle spasms and other issues, but you must take care of the time. 

In order to have a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home, there is nothing better than bringing in a massage chair.

To sum it all up, regular sessions of chair massage in an appropriate time frame can not only promote your physical health but overall well-being in general.

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