5 of the Best Osaki Massage Chairs

In a hurry? Here's our top 3 Osaki massage chair picks:

Osaki OS-PRO Maestro Massage Chair w/ 5-Year Warranty and White Glove...
Osaki OS-Pro Yamato (Black)
Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon (Dark Brown)
Osaki OS-PRO Maestro Massage Chair w/ 5-Year Warranty and White Glove...
Osaki OS-Pro Yamato (Black)
Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon (Dark Brown)
Osaki OS-PRO Maestro Massage Chair w/ 5-Year Warranty and White Glove...
Osaki OS-PRO Maestro Massage Chair w/ 5-Year Warranty and White Glove...
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Osaki OS-Pro Yamato (Black)
Osaki OS-Pro Yamato (Black)
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Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon (Dark Brown)
Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon (Dark Brown)
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Buying a massage chair is a dream-come-true moment for pretty much everyone out there. It is like having your own mini spa at home and not to forget; it’s cost-effective as well. 

I mean, who needs to visit that spa and pay hundreds of dollars just to have a body massage when you have a massage chair at home? Needless to say, massage chairs are becoming more and more advanced these days, and keeping their technological advancements in view, they can now perfectly imitate the touch of a masseur. 

I remember I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars in going to these spas every other week. As of now, I have my own massage chair and let me tell you; it’s such a relief. I take a massage twice or thrice a week and that too, in the comfort of my home. 

Yet, one thing that consumed most of my thoughts before buying a massage chair was choosing the best one. It was a lot more complicated than I thought. 

The reason being, there are a massive number of massage chairs available these days by various brands. Thereby, narrowing down the best options is not an easy deal. 

Well, to make it less of an ordeal for you, I’m going to talk about Osaki massage chairs today. No wonder Osaki is an amazing brand, so there’s no way one can forget about it when talking about purchasing that perfect massage chair.

About the Brand...

osaki massage chair brand

Before we proceed any further, I’d like you to know about the brand a little. It’s only fair as you should know what you’re getting yourself into, so let me briefly introduce to you Osaki as a brand.

Osaki has been operating for more than five decades now, and over the years, they’ve cooperated a number of high-tech features into their massage chair models, which makes their products the best of them all.

It’s a Japanese brand and is currently working in collaboration with Titan. Their massage chairs are famously known for their excellent features and impeccable designs.

All these high-end massage chairs by Osaki are available in the price range of $2000-$9000. Even though Osaki massage chairs are pretty expensive, they are worth giving a try.

Henceforth, one thing that I can assure you is that Osaki wouldn’t disappoint you with its incredible massage chair models.

Standard Features Found in Osaki Massage Chairs

standard features in osaki massage chairs

There are several factors that make Osaki massage chairs award-winning material. Are you wondering what they really are? What is everyone in love with the brand and its products?

Needless to say, Osaki massage chairs bring along numerous amazing features that make them unique and worthwhile. I must say their massage chairs are luxurious in the real sense of the word.

Let me walk you through a list of the common features that you’ll happen to see in almost all the Osaki massage chair models.

  • Almost all of the Osaki massage chairs now offer three/dimensional forms of body massage.
  • Several high-end massage chair models by Osaki also provide 4D massage.
  • They come with S/L massage chair frames fulfilling the current standard of the massage chair tech world.
  • They’re incorporated with multiple airbags, precisely why they provide incredible compression therapy.
  • They do not just cover your body but feet and calf as well, given the fact that they come with excellent reflexology.
  • They also offer various positions of zero gravity massage, making them a great choice for expecting women.
  • They bring in the new squeeze in technology that works well for the sore muscles in your body.
  • Almost all the massage chairs by Osaki provide heat therapy as they come with heating wands as well as heated rollers.
  • They’re mostly recliners and come with space-saving technology.
  • They come with various massage modes, including Shiatsu, kneading, tapping, rolling, and more.
  • They can provide you with a customized body massage using the body scanners they bring along.
  • High-end Osaki massage chairs also have additional features like Bluetooth speakers, USB ports, mobile app functionality, and more.

Top Five Osaki Massage Chairs [2021]

Now that we’ve established how fabulous Osaki massage chairs are, let’s have a look at some of the best ones.

As I mentioned earlier, there are dozens of massage chairs available these days. The irony is that even Osaki has various massage chair models coming in different ranges and with a different value. Though all of them are high in quality, not all are winners, in my opinion.

So here I’m going to review the top five Osaki massage chairs that I’ve personally tried and tested, so I know they’re worthwhile. Ready, set, go!

1. Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 4D Massage Chair
  • Bluetooth Connection for HD Speaker + Quick Control & USB Charger + Space Saving Design.
  • SL Track Roller Design & 4D Massage + Heated back roller
  • Foot & Calf Kneading Massage + Foot Roller Massage.

I’m going to start with the real beast, the Osaki OS-Pro Maestro. Believe it or not, but this massage chair model has become the new sensation these days. Everyone is in awe of it and obviously, for the right reasons. 

I’ve read various online customer reviews and consulted a number of massage chair retailers as well, each of them pointed out this 4D Osaki massage chair as the best seller. 

If you’re looking for an intense body massage chair that reaches the deep layers of your body, there’s no better option than Osaki OS-Pro Maestro. It’s a 4D massage chair that comes with an L-track frame, which is rare for a traditional massage chair. 

It is famous for providing a thorough body massage, mainly covering the parts like glutes and lower back that are otherwise neglected. 

It brings along unique heated ceramic rollers that cover your body from neck to the upper thighs. Unlike other conventional massage chair models that only provide the lumbar heat, this one makes sure that you’re thoroughly covered. 

Specifications of Osaki OS-Pro Maestro 

  • 4D forms of massage with eight different settings 
  • Five levels of massage intensities 
  • L-track massage chair frame 
  • Zero gravity massage 
  • A 3D point navigation system 
  • Heated ceramic rollers that are mild yet pretty effective 
  • Foot massage as well as calf kneading 
  • Touch screen remote control system
  • Functional quick keys  
  • Recliner with a space-saving design 
  • Automatic leg extensions 
  • Offers various massage modes 
  • Available in four different colors, black, brown, ivory, and beige. 

Warranty: This massage chair model is covered under a 5-year warranty, so it’s a totally safe purchase.

2. Osaki OS-Pro Ekon 3D Massage Chair
  • ZERO GRAVITY - Nasa inspired technology to help distribute the weight of the user throught the back, while elevating the...
  • 3D L-TRACK - Roller massage from the neck to the upper thigh, with adjustable strength
  • CALF ROLLER AND KNEADING - Rollers located in the back of the calves, as well as rotating air bags to offer a kneading...

Up next is another phenomenal massage chair model by Osaki. It’s a 3D massage chair that brings ultimate relaxation to the club.

This Osaki massage chair is by far the most popular model by the brand, and there’s no doubt about it. It’s famous for its full-body aggressive three-dimensional body massage, exactly how a masseur would serve you.

It’s again an L-track massage chair that comes with 3D massage rollers and covers the entire area starting from your neck to the glutes. It brings along various preset massage programs, which makes it easier for you to operate it even if you’re a newbie to the massage chair world.

The best part of it is that the roller system incorporated in this massage chair is flexible and gentle rather rigid, unlike other massage chairs of its kind. So if you’re looking to get a massage chair that feels more like a human touch, Osaki OS-Pro Ekon would be a great fit.

Specifications of Osaki OS-Pro Ekon

  • Zero-gravity massage technology
  • 3D forms of massage
  • L-track massage chair frame
  • Multiple rollers incorporated within the frame
  • Adjustable massage intensity
  • Numerous rotating airbags
  • Several preset massage programs
  • Foot rollers also present
  • Calf kneading for sheer relaxation
  • Full-body stretching
  • A recliner with space-saving technology
  • Blue speakers
  • Mobile app functionality
  • Touch screen remote control system
  • Available in two colors, black and brown

Warranty: It’s another Osaki massage chair that brings along a warranty of five years, making it a safe investment. 

3. Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon Massage Chair
  • Ship from Seller, Osaki Official
  • 4D Massage
  • Voice Recognition

Thinking about 4D massage chairs, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? I’m sure everyone thinks of 4D massage chairs as something too expensive.

Okay, it’s valid to some extent. 4D massage chairs are usually pretty expensive, but Osaki understands your needs, and clearly, your wish is their command. Here I’m going to talk about a 4D massage chair that you can purchase for less than $5000.

That’s right, guys! This 4D massage chair is reasonably priced and absolutely luxurious at the same time. It was initially sold by a different brand with a higher price tag, twice of what Osaki is now offering.

No wonder this massage chair is included in one of the top-ranked massage chairs for its incredible features and working. Offering from a mild to a firm 4D massage, this massage chair model makes sure you get the experience of a lifetime.

It’s also an L-track massage chair that offers various angles for a body massage. The fabulous part being, it’s technologically advanced in every way you can imagine. It comes with a voice recognition mode. Are you a big fan of Alexa? Well, there you go! There you have your own personal massage assistant! It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

Specifications of Osaki Pro OS-4D Paragon

  • Powerful 4D massage technology
  • L-track frame
  • Zero-gravity massage
  • Covered footrest and automatic leg extension
  • Foot and calf kneading
  • Heated foot rollers
  • Body scanning technology
  • A recliner with a space-saving design
  • Multiple airbags and rollers are included
  • Preset Chinese massage therapy
  • Full-body stretching
  • Voice recognition
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • Available in four colors, beige, black, dark brown, and dark grey.

Warranty: This 4D massage chair is covered under a three-year warranty.

4. Osaki OS-Pro First Class Massage Chair
  • Advanced 3D Technology
  • Auto Body Scan
  • L-Track Massage

The fourth on my list is another L-track massage chair by Osaki, let’s see it’s again a signature model by the brand. It’s a 3D massage chair especially designed for petite individuals with average weight.

Anyone who’s looking for an exceptional shoulder or neck massage needs to go for this massage chair model. It can provide an excellent deep tissue massage with optional intensities, mild to moderate.

I had this Osaki model for a while too, and let me assure you that it was a surreal experience. I still remember how amazingly it imitates the touch of a masseur while providing an excellent immersive experience. What else can you expect from a massage chair anyway?

Besides that, it’s pretty economical considering the specs and design it brings along. Oh, and I’ve read its customer reviews, people have nothing but nice things to say about it.

Specifications of Osaki OS-Pro First Class

  • Incredible 3D forms of massage
  • L-track massage chair frame
  • Full-body computerized scan
  • 23 preset massage programs and five massage styles
  • Deep tissue and zero-gravity massage technique with two massage modes
  • Five levels of massage intensity
  • Comes with a gripping technology that is exceptionally beneficial for your neck and shoulders
  • Excellent fit for petite individuals
  • Multiple massage rollers with three levels of massage depths
  • Automatic spine care system
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise massage strokes
  • Full-body air massage
  • Foot, calf and knee massage
  • Memory function and built-in Bluetooth speakers
  • Touch screen LCD remote control system
  • USB port and side controller
  • Available in four colors, beige, black, brown, and grey.

Warranty: This Osaki massage chair brings along an in-store warranty of five years, so in case of any issue, you can simply reach out to the brand.

5. Osaki OS-Pro Maxim Massage Chair
  • Touch screen tablet Control center
  • Foot rollers
  • L-track roller

Last but not least, I have a pocket-friendly massage chair that comes with astounding features. If you’re looking for a massage chair that is reasonably priced yet delivers remarkable features, you’ve finally found one.

The Osaki OS-Pro Maxim is the best-selling Osaki model under $2900. It’s a hybrid S/L track massage chair that is highly recommended for pain management by practitioners around the world.

The L-track frame of this massage chair covers you thoroughly from your neck to the glutes, while the S-track structure ensures that your spine curvature is appropriately covered. So it won’t be wrong to say that this massage chair model provides the best of both sides.

What I love about this massage chair is that it comes with an ability to identify the pressure points of your body, which further helps in customizing the body massage.

The surprising part being, it offers every spec that an expensive model does, and it’s something that makes it a trophy material. A friend of mine has been using this massage chair for three years now, and I must tell you, she’s irrevocably in love with its functioning and design.

Specifications of Osaki OS-Pro Maxim

  • Hybrid S/L-track massage chair frame
  • Body scanning technology
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Various speed and intensity adjustment levels
  • Six manual and 12 preset massage programs
  • 36 air cells and 22 airbags (That are strategically placed throughout the massage chair)
  • Foot massage with compression therapy
  • Mild chair vibrations that help increase the blood flow
  • Chromotherapy (That is unique for traditional massage chairs)
  • Intuitive controller
  • Lumbar heat therapy and full-body stretching
  • Adjustable chair cushion
  • Touch screen remote control system
  • High-quality Bluetooth speakers
  • Available in three colors, brown, black, and cream. 

Warranty: It is covered under a limited warranty of three years that includes three years for the massage chair frame, two years for the part, and a year for the in-home labor.

The Takeaway

What do you think about these massage chairs? Great options, eh? As you know, a massage chair is not a light investment to begin with; therefore, it’s a great idea to check out a few models before choosing that perfect one. The more options you have, the better decision you can make. I call it my key to shopping. It may appear funny, but it’s effective. 

As a matter of fact, there’s nothing better than having a massage chair at home waiting for you after a long and hectic day at work. Imagine coming home to a cup of warm decaf latte and a relaxing chair massage session; it feels like heaven, no?

Well, buying a massage chair may seem simple in the beginning, but choosing the right product by a reliable brand is extremely important if you want to make it last. In my opinion, Osaki is one of the finest brands, and their products are highly durable.

Thereby, I believe Osaki deserves a try. So before you purchase a massage chair for your home, please make sure to have a look at the reviews I’ve mentioned above. I’m confident they can help you make an informed decision. Give it a thought, my pals!

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