5 Best Massage Chairs For Lower Back Pain of 2023

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Massage chairs are a great way to alleviate lower back pain without having to leave the comfort of your own home. With so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which massage chair is best suited for your needs. This buying guide will provide you with information on what features and specifications you should look for when selecting a massage chair that is right for your lower back pain relief.

1SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Air ... Top Pick

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Air …

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2BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Massage ... Best Quality

BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Massage …

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3Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity SL-Track Massage ... Recommended

Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity SL-Track Massage …

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4iRest 2023 4D Massage Chair Recliner, Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massager ...

iRest 2023 4D Massage Chair Recliner, Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massager …

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5BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Airbag ...

BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Airbag …

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Review of Best Massage Chair For Lower Back Pain

Top Pick

SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Air ...

1. SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Air …

  • Brand: SMAGREHO
  • Manufacturer: SmartMassageChairs
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions: Height: 57.0 Inches. Width: 30.0 Inches. Length: 46.0 Inches. Weight: 175.0 Pounds.

The SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity is a perfect addition to any home. With its full-body air massage system and zero gravity feature, you will be able to experience relaxation and comfort like never before. The powerful motor allows for firm pressure points and soothing massages that help relieve stress, tension, muscle aches, and fatigue. It also features adjustable speed settings so you can customize your own massage experience. Thanks to the easy-to-use remote control interface, it’s simple to operate this top-of-the-line chair recliner right from the comfort of your couch or bed. Whether you’re looking for an amazing massage or just want to relax in a luxurious style, this incredible product is sure to deliver.


  • Zero Gravity Position: The SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner supports the user in a zero gravity position, taking pressure off of joints and muscles while providing an enhanced massage experience.
  • Full Body Air Massage: The SMAGREHO Massage Chair Recliner utilizes airbags to provide a full body massage that helps stimulate circulation and relax tight muscles throughout the body.
  • Heat Therapy: The chair includes heat therapy to further enhance the massage experience by increasing blood flow and relieving tension in areas of the body that may be experiencing pain or stiffness.
  • Adjustable Design: The chair is designed with an adjustable backrest, footrest, armrests, and seating positions for maximum comfort during use.
  • High-Quality Build: Constructed from high-quality materials such as PU leather and steel frame, this recliner is built to last for years of reliable performance.

Our Recommendations

The chair is well-made and looks great in my living room. It reclines back so that you can relax in it fully and enjoy a massage or just some quiet time. The zero gravity feature makes it very comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. The air massage is powerful but gentle enough not to be uncomfortable. I highly recommend this product – it’s an excellent buy.

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Best Quality

BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Massage ...

2. BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Massage …

  • Brand: BILITOK
  • Manufacturer: BILITOK
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Height: 30.0 Inches. Width: 40.0 Inches. Length: 58.0 Inches.

The BILITOK Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Massage is an amazing way to relax and rejuvenate your body. Its intuitive design allows you to customize your massage experience with a variety of settings that target key areas of the body. The zero gravity feature provides maximum relaxation while relieving pressure off the spine and joints. This powerful chair offers a full-body massage, helping you feel refreshed and energized after every session. Enjoy comfort on a whole new level with this incredible massage recliner.


  • Relieve tension and stress with its advanced massage technology, offering a full-body shiatsu massage experience.
  • Improve posture with the zero gravity reclining feature which creates an optimal body position for maximum comfort and relaxation.
  • Easily customize your massage experience by selecting from four preset programs of varying intensity or creating your own program using the manual settings on the remote control.
  • Enjoy improved circulation throughout your body as a result of the heat therapy function built into this chair recliner to increase blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue during long periods of sitting or after physical activity.
  • Keep track of how much time you spend relaxing in this massage chair with its timer setting that automatically turns off after 15 minutes for safety purposes.

Our Recommendations

It’s been a wonderful addition to my home and I’m so glad I got it. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, the zero gravity feature lets me relax completely while the various massage settings help ease my back pain. The chair has really helped improve my quality of life and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective way to alleviate chronic pain in their back or neck.

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Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity SL-Track Massage ...

3. Real Relax Massage Chair, Full Body Zero Gravity SL-Track Massage …

  • Brand: Real Relax
  • Manufacturer: Real Relax
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions: Height: 42.12 Inches. Width: 28.34 Inches. Length: 57.48 Inches. Weight: 173.6 Pounds.

The Real Relax Massage Chair is the perfect way to relax and unwind after a long day. With its full-body zero gravity SL-Track massage system, you can enjoy a deep, therapeutic massage that targets all the major muscle groups. The chair also features adjustable intensity settings and multiple pre-programmed massage modes so you can customize your experience to suit your individual needs. Plus, it has an easy-to-use remote control for added convenience. Enjoy complete relaxation with this luxurious and effective massage chair.


  • Enhanced relaxation: The Real Relax Massage Chair provides a full body massage that can help to relax muscles and reduce stress levels.
  • Improved posture: With its Zero Gravity SL-Track design, the chair supports proper spinal alignment which helps to improve overall posture and prevent muscle strain or injury from sitting in an incorrect position for too long.
  • Pain relief: The massage chair can help to relieve pain caused by tight muscles, knots and spasms due to its deep tissue kneading capabilities.
  • Increased circulation: By stimulating the blood flow, this massage chair can help increase oxygenation of cells throughout the body which enhances energy levels as well as general health and wellbeing.
  • Versatility: This massage chair has customizable features so it can be tailored to fit individual needs whether they are looking for a relaxing experience or targeted relief from specific areas of tension or soreness.

Our Recommendations

It has so many great features and massaging techniques that I’ve never seen before. The SL-Track massage gives a really deep tissue massage which helps to relieve all of my muscle tension. The zero gravity feature also ensures that I get the most out of each session, as it helps to stretch out my spine and relaxes me even further. The overall design and construction of this chair are top-notch – it’s comfortable and looks great in my living room. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective way to relax.

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iRest 2023 4D Massage Chair Recliner, Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massager ...

4. iRest 2023 4D Massage Chair Recliner, Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massager …

  • Brand: iRest
  • Manufacturer: iRest
  • Color: Beige
  • Dimensions: Height: 48.03 Inches. Width: 33.07 Inches. Length: 58.27 Inches.

The iRest 2023 4D Massage Chair Recliner is a luxurious and innovative massage chair that offers an unparalleled massage experience. Featuring advanced zero gravity shiatsu massager technology, the chair helps to relax tight muscles with its four-dimensional massage capabilities that include kneading, tapping, and rolling motions, as well as air pressure pulsation. The chair also comes equipped with heat therapy to help soothe soreness and tension in your lower back area. With its modern design and plush upholstery, this recliner provides a comfortable seating solution while delivering superior therapeutic benefits. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day or add some pampering into your everyday routine.


  • Ease of Use: The iRest 2023 4D Massage Chair Recliner is easy to use with its intuitive control panel, making it perfect for anyone who needs a massage without having to go to the spa.
  • Full Body Massage: This massage chair provides a full body massage thanks to its four-dimensional technology and various adjustable settings that can be customized according to your needs.
  • Zero Gravity Position: Its unique zero gravity position helps reduce stress on the spine, allowing you to relax in comfort while receiving a quality massage.
  • Health Benefits: Regular use of this product can help alleviate neck and back pain, improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, as well as de-stress the body from everyday life.
  • Durability: Thanks to its high-quality construction materials and advanced engineering design, this product is sure to last for years of reliable use.

Our Recommendations

The chair is extremely comfortable and provides a great massage experience. The zero gravity feature allows me to relax completely while the shiatsu massager helps ease all of my aches and pains. This chair was worth every penny – it’s an amazing product that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a high-quality massage chair.

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BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Airbag ...

5. BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Airbag …

  • Brand: BOSSCARE
  • Manufacturer: BOSSCARE
  • Color: Brown
  • Dimensions: Height: 40.6 Inches. Width: 28.9 Inches. Length: 53.3 Inches. Weight: 134.0 Pounds.

The BOSSCARE Massage Chair Recliner with Zero Gravity, Full Body Airbag is a luxurious and top-of-the-line massage chair that offers complete relaxation and comfort. With its zero gravity design, it provides the perfect weightless environment to help reduce stress on your body. The full-body airbag system creates an encompassing massage experience for all areas of the back, neck, shoulders, and legs. It also features adjustable settings to tailor your massage session to your specific needs. This chair has been designed with superior-quality materials for lasting reliability and performance. Experience unparalleled luxury when you relax in this amazing massage chair recliner.


  • Relieves muscle tension, pain, and stress: The BOSSCARE massage chair recliner is equipped with airbags that target specific parts of your body to provide a full-body massage that relieves tension in the muscles, reduces pain, and helps you relax overall.
  • Zero Gravity feature: This feature allows you to experience zero gravity while receiving a massage – meaning your body is completely relaxed and supported throughout the session.
  • Full Body Airbag Massage System: The unique airbag system provides an all-encompassing massage experience by stimulating pressure points on your arms, legs, neck, hips, and shoulders for optimal relaxation benefits.
  • Customizable Options: With different speed settings for massages as well as adjustable intensity levels for each area being worked on, you can easily customize your massage experience based on what works best for you!
  • Ergonomic Design: This ergonomically designed recliner supports correct posture while providing maximum comfort by contouring to fit any size of the body perfectly so that it feels like it was made just for you.

Our Recommendations

The chair is incredibly comfortable and the massage function is amazing. It’s great to have the ability to customize your massage settings for each body part – from head to toe. Plus, it looks great in my living room. Highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an effective yet stylish massage recliner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is back massage good for lower back pain?

Yes, back massage is a great way to help relieve lower back pain. Massage helps increase blood flow and circulation in the area which can reduce inflammation and stiffness, allowing for greater flexibility and movement. Regular massages can also work to relax tense muscles that may be causing discomfort or soreness.

It can also help to alleviate stress associated with chronic lower back pain as well as improve overall mental health and wellbeing. Furthermore, certain types of massage like deep tissue massage are particularly helpful for reducing muscle tightness, improving posture, and providing lasting relief from chronic pain disorders such as sciatica or herniated discs.

Which massage is best for lower back?

Swedish massage is the best option for treating lower back pain. This type of massage focuses on releasing tension in the muscles and tendons, increasing circulation and relaxation. It uses a variety of strokes such as kneading, rolling, tapping, friction and vibration to achieve this goal.

The pressure used during a Swedish massage should be comfortable enough that it relieves tension without causing too much discomfort. A therapist may also recommend stretches or exercises to help strengthen weak areas in the back and promote healing. Regular sessions with a licensed massage therapist can help reduce chronic lower back pain over time by loosening tight muscles, improving range of motion, and helping to reduce inflammation in the area.

Do massage chairs hurt your back?

No, massage chairs do not typically hurt your back. In fact, they can be beneficial for those suffering from back pain as the massage action helps to ease tension and loosen tight muscles in the back. There are certain settings that may cause discomfort if you have a pre-existing injury or chronic condition, so it is important to pay attention to how you feel during use and adjust accordingly.

Additionally, always make sure to consult with your doctor before starting any new type of treatment or therapy.

Is it OK to sit in a massage chair everyday?

The short answer is no, it is not recommended to sit in a massage chair every day. While regular use of a massage chair may provide some benefits such as stress relief and improved circulation, overusing the chair can lead to increased soreness or fatigue due to overexertion of certain muscles. Additionally, prolonged pressure on muscles can cause them to become overly accustomed and less responsive over time.

Therefore, it is best practice to limit usage of your massage chair to several times per week rather than daily if possible.

Buying Guide for best massage chair for lower back pain

Types of Massage Chairs: When selecting a massage chair, there are several types available to choose from full-body recliners, zero gravity recliners, shiatsu massagers, and robotic massagers. Each type offers different benefits and features designed to help relieve tension in specific areas of the body or focus more on relaxation overall. Consider what type of massage experience you prefer and determine which one will work best for your needs before making a purchase decision.

Features To Look For

There are several important features that should be considered when looking for the best massage chair for lower back pain relief: adjustability settings, intensity level settings, heat therapy capabilities, and airbag technology. Adjustability settings allow you to customize the angle of incline or decline as well as how far forward or backward you want the seat position; this helps target certain areas in need of more attention while providing additional support throughout other parts of your body during each session. Intensity level settings give users control over how much pressure they receive during their session; these range from gentle kneading motions all the way up to intense tapping movements depending on individual preference and tolerance levels (check product descriptions as some products may only offer one setting).

Heat therapy helps reduce stiffness by warming tissues around affected areas; most models include adjustable heating controls with temperature ranges between low (104 F) – high (140 F). Airbags placed strategically throughout either side bolster support while applying targeted pressure points directly where needed; make sure that any model chosen has enough pockets/airbags located around problem areas such as hips/lower lumbar regions so treatment can be specifically tailored towards those sections if required.

Additional Considerations Before investing in a new piece of equipment like this it’s important to consider additional factors such as price range & warranty coverage along with user reviews prior to making any decisions about purchasing one particular unit over another.. Pricing varies greatly amongst brands & models but usually starts at around $400 USD going upwards into thousands depending upon quality & add-on features.


The best massage chair for lower back pain is a must-have for anyone who suffers from chronic back pain. Not only does it offer the comfort of a regular massage, but it also helps reduce spasms and improve posture. With its adjustable settings, you can find the perfect position to help alleviate your lumbar discomfort. Invest in this amazing product today and experience relief like never before.

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