6 of the Best Kahuna Massage Chairs

In a hurry? Here's our top 3 Kahuna massage chair picks:

3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078 (Black)
Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers -...
Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga &...
3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078 (Black)
Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers -...
Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga &...
3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078 (Black)
3D Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair Hubot HM-078 (Black)
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Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers -...
Top Performance Kahuna Superior Massage Chair with SL-Track 6 Rollers -...
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Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga &...
Zero Gravity Full-Body Kahuna Massage Chair Recliner LM6800 with Yoga &...
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Kahuna is a renowned name in the world of massage chairs. Founded in 1997, they're popularly known for their therapeutic massage chairs across the globe. 

The best part being, almost all the massage chair models by Kahuna are approved by the FDA. It is precisely the reason why Kahuna massage chairs are recommended for medical purposes by physicians worldwide. 

Kahuna massage chairs are manufactured by AJX.LLC. They're loved by everyone here in the USA and that too, for obvious reasons. Over the years, the brand has considerably improved its massage technology, and no wonder, they never cease to amaze us with every new model they launch. 

Another great thing about Kahuna is that their massage chairs are pretty reasonable as compared to other high-end massage chair brands. Their massage chairs are available between the range of $1800-$7000; thereby, it won't be wrong to say that they serve their customers at every cost. 

Curious to know more about it? In this article today, I'm going to talk about Kahuna massage chairs, how amazing they are, and what makes them the best. So without wasting any more time, let's get started!

Properties of Kahuna Massage Chairs

best kahuna massage chair

Though every massage chair is different from the other, there are a few properties that all the Kahuna massage chairs frequently share. Oh wait, what are they?

Here I've combined a list of all the incredible features that pretty much every Kahuna massage possesses. Have a look:

  • They all offer zero gravity massage features.
  • Kahuna massage chairs come with various massage models. From Shiatsu to kneading and tapping, you'll find them all.
  • They can imitate the touch of a masseur naturally.
  • They've numerous airbags and rollers incorporated within them.
  • They mostly come with an L or S track frame.
  • Almost all the Kahuna massage chairs come with a heating wand and lumbar support.
  • They cover your entire body, including your feet and calves.
  • They offer undeniably great reflexology.
  • Luxury Kahuna massage chairs offer 3D and 4D forms of massage.
  • They're excellent for pain management, and the FDA backs it up.
  • They're a master of eliminating fatigue.
  • They can help you with managing everyday life stress as well as anxiety.
  • They work well with people of every age group.
  • They're mostly recliners and come with a space-saving design.
  • Several Kahuna massage chairs come with Bluetooth speakers and USB ports.
  • Similarly, various Kahuna massage chairs offer a remote control technology; hence, operating them is pretty easy.

6 Best Kahuna Massage Chair Picks [2021]

If you ever check the online retailers or even the official website of Kahuna, you'll find a massive number of massage chairs. Therefore, choosing one can be complicated, or I'd say overwhelming, to be precise.

So in order to make choosing and buying one easier for you, I'm going to list down some of the best Kahuna massage chairs. I've personally tried all of them, and I can guarantee you that they're worth every cent.

1. Kahuna Hubot HM-078 Exquisite Rhythmic Massage Chair
  • Exquisite massage chair that professionally crafted with detail finish
  • Hubot promises to provide ultimate rejuvenation and ecstatic relaxation for who need a professional high-quality...
  • Powerful 3D performance with KMS-08M-225L Massage System with high elasticity massage balls that Protrude to every inch...

Starting with a new and innovative 3D massage chair by Kahuna, it's Hubot HM-078. It is one product I am absolutely biased about. The reason being, it's in my personal use for around two years now, so who knows it better than me?

I remember I had a constant backache for a really long time, and it was then my physician recommended me to take chair massage therapies on a weekly basis. I swear, buying this massage chair was a wise choice.

It's an HSL track massage chair that has various airbags and rollers incorporated within its frame. It's manufactured using exclusive rhythmic technology that helps in regulating blood flow and levels of oxygen in the body.

It's a real example of extravagance, given the features it brings along. Oh, and I must say its features justify its price.

Specifications of Kahuna HM-078

  • HSL track design
  • Powerful three-dimensional massage
  • Rhythmic massage technology
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Five levels of massage intensity
  • Air massage with 17 air control systems and 100 air cells
  • Adjustable compression (So you can adjust the intensity of airbags)
  • 15 preset massage programs
  • Tapping, kneading, reflexology, Shiatsu, and rolling are available
  • Elasticity massage balls for extensive massage therapy
  • Head massage for a relaxing anti-stress therapy
  • It can provide feet and calf massage as well
  • Heat therapy for your feet, legs, and upper & lower back
  • Leg extension for up to seven inches (It isn't for people shorter than 5'2 and taller than 6'2)
  • Mobile app functionality (It's only compatible with androids, sadly)
  • Automatic reclining with a space-saving design
  • It has high-quality Bluetooth speakers as well

Warranty: It's covered with a three-year warranty for its parts and in-house labor. Though the massage chair is exceptionally stable and it works smoothly so you won't really need the warranty. It's something I can say with experience.

2. Kahuna Superior SM-7300 Massage Chair
  • DEAL - Upgraded as 03/01/2018 – Triple Hip airbags, Revised remote controller to more user friendly, air intensity...
  • [Total 9 Auto programs including 4 special programs] 5 Auto programs - Yoga Stretching, Fast Recovery, Pain Relief,...
  • A progressive Kahuna chair SM-7300 collaborated with top performing technology embedded with variety of different...

Another Kahuna massage chair model that was recently updated by the brand is something you should consider. It's an SL track massage chair that comes with a unique air-cell massage technology.

It has air cells located throughout the body, including your thighs and hip area. It also covers your spine smartly, providing it with perfect alignment.

It's one of the most wider massage chairs by the brands especially designed for taller and heavier individuals. Still, there isn't anything to worry about as it can accommodate people with average height and body frame as well.

This massage chair is famous for its acupressure technology as it specifically targets the pressure points of your body and helps with pain management.

Specifications of SM-7300

  • SL track body
  • Six wheels roller system (It goes to your entire body)
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Air cell massage system (It covers your hip and thigh area too)
  • Air intensity is adjustable and comes in five levels
  • Wide and taller (Works well for individuals up to 6.5 feet)
  • Acupoint body detection
  • Nine preset massage programs
  • Heating therapy for your lower back
  • Foot and calf massage
  • Acupressure (It covers your arms as well)
  • Auto massage timer
  • Wrap-around squeeze massage, including kneading, rolling and scrapping
  • Yoga stretching and dynamic sports massage mode
  • Automatic leg extension that comes with a zipper
  • LCD remote control system
  • A recliner with a space-saving design
  • It has LED lights below the arms, making it aesthetically pleasing

Warranty: It comes with a warranty of 2 years covering labor and parts. If you need an extended warranty, you can get in touch with the Kahuna team via their website.

3. Kahuna SM-7300S Massage Chair
  • Newly designed structural frame with deeper zero gravity angle with space saving design.
  • Bluetooth app controller for wireless control and premium quality speaker. Longer operation time up to 1 hour per...
  • Total 13 Auto programs - 4 Stretching programs - Yoga Stretching, Active Stretching, Sv-Chiro Stretching, Dynamic...

This one's the advanced version of Kahuna SM-7300, or let's just say it was next to it. It emphasizes on similar aspects with higher quality, but one thing remains the same, it also covers taller and heavier individuals.

It brings along a number of massage models, including Shiatsu, tapping, kneading, rolling, and more. It also offers a combination of different massage modes, such as kneading and tapping or kneading and knocking.

The interesting part of the story is that all the preset massage programs in this massage chair are based on the concept of Shiatsu. It focuses on bringing nothing but sheer relaxation for you. It's a great investment again, and truth be told, it can significantly imitate the touch sensations of a masseur.

Specifications of SM-7300S

  • SL track massage chair with two extra rollers for added comfort
  • Zero gravity massage with three different angles
  • Six wheels roller system
  • Five different Shiatsu massage techniques are available
  • Air cell system (It covers your entire body)
  • Five different levels of intensity for air cell massage
  • 32 airbags and hip compression (It is excellent for sore muscles)
  • Heat therapy for not just your back, but thighs and lower legs as well
  • Foot massage with adjustable speed
  • Expandable foot and leg rest
  • Body scanning technology for a customized body massage
  • Automatic reclining along with a space-saving design
  • It can accommodate individuals with height up to 6'6 feet
  • Squeeze tech for your feet
  • Full body scratching along with numerous other yoga programs
  • Auto massage timer for up to one hour
  • Bluetooth and mobile app functionality
  • Lightweight; hence, easier to move around

Warranty: It is covered under a two-year warranty for the massage chair parts as well as in-house labor. You can also request a technician for troubleshooting in case of any minor issue. Though it may take 10-14 days for a technician to visit your place, it can be helpful.

4. Kahuna LM-6800 Full-Body Massage Chair
  • 11/22/19 New Amazon Exclusive Promotion- 2 Years additoinal warranty included - Total 3 Years Parts & Labor, 4th year...
  • L-Track massage system, 3 stages of Zero Gravity, Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size...
  • Best warranty service for online massage chair company – Easy to register warranty and request service. Kahuna LM-6800...

If you're looking for a reasonable massage with reliable features, Kahuna LM-6800 is the best option on the block. It's a perfect massage and costs under $2000, which makes it pocket-friendly too.

What I love about this massage chair is that it's no less in quality than other expensive massage chair models. In fact, it's adored by pretty much everyone out there.

It's equally therapeutic, and it's also approved by the FDA as a medical device like other Kahuna massage chair models I've mentioned above. Oh, and it's the best selling massage chair model by Kahuna thus far.

I remember it was the first massage chair I ever bought. Needless to say, I was on a budget those days, but I wasn't ready to compromise on the quality. So I went with the recommendation of a friend who's in love with this massage chair and guess what? It was a super cool journey.

Though I changed it after a while because I wanted something more advanced and of course, my budget allowed it. Still, I'd say anyone who needs an economically priced massage chair must consider this one.

Specifications of Kahuna LM-6800

  • L-track design
  • Three stages of zero gravity massage
  • Air massage technology (It's for your entire body)
  • Six preset air massage programs are included
  • Three levels of air massage speed
  • Full-body stretching, so it's an alternative to yoga as well
  • Foot massage (Dual foot rollers are available too)
  • Auto timer for up to 30 minutes
  • It has arm and shoulder airbags (They're double layered for the shoulder region)
  • Four roller massage system
  • Body scanning technology (So you can customize your body massage)
  • Reclining technology with space-saving design (Requires only 3-inch wall space)
  • Adjustable and detachable footrest
  • Various massage modes are available, including Shiatsu, rolling, kneading, and tapping.
  • Six automatic and five manual massage programs (Optional)
  • Heat therapy for your lower back and calves
  • SH-Chiro massage technology (A unique feature restricted to only Kahuna LM-6800)
  • It's popular for unlocking nerve energy unlike any other massage chair in the markets
  • The remote holder is added for additional convenience

Warranty: It brings along a versatile warranty. This massage chair's structural design is covered for five years; parts of the chair are covered for four years; whereas, in-house labor cost is included for three years.

5. Kahuna SM-9000 Superior Massage Chair
  • Advanced technology AIR FLOAT 3D+ massage mechanism on SL-Track system provides the ultimate custom and comfortable...
  • Kahuna SM-9000 is engineered to perform gentle and silent transitions while massaging and reclining and also provides...
  • Newly invented infrared heating rollers mechanism allows the heating to penetrate into muscle tissues, causing the blood...

The fifth one on my list is again a 3D massage chair by Kahuna. Trust me; it's the real deal. If you know little about massage chairs, their features, and how they work, you'll agree with me on this one.

It brings along a great set of features and that too, at a decent price. What else do you expect from a massage chair anyway? A massage chair so reasonably priced is giving you all those high-end features, what's better than that?

It's a luxurious and advanced massage chair model by the brand that comes with the air float 3D technology. You can simply call it a signature massage chair by Kahuna. Oh, and it's therapeutic abilities are unquestionably amazing too, which is something that makes all the difference in the world.

Specifications of SM-9000

  • SL track design
  • Advanced air float three-dimensional massage (It's rare for massage chairs in this price range)
  • It can provide you with noise-free and gentle massage strokes
  • Adjustable massage intensity (It can be switched to strong and firm as per requirement)
  • Multiple airbags are located in different parts of this massage chair
  • Infrared heating rollers for additional comfort
  • It's especially recommended to people with arthritis due to its excellent pain management qualities
  • Full-body air massage
  • Wrap-around squeeze technology is available
  • Foot massage (It comes with kneading, rolling, and racking)
  • Automatic reclining ability
  • Music synchronizing system and high-quality Bluetooth speakers
  • Exceptional working for taller individuals up to 6'5 feet
  • Offers glove service; hence, installation and assembling isn't a problem
  • Noise-cancellation technology

Warranty: It is covered with a 3-year warranty for the parts, structural design, and in-house labor and repair. Thereby, it's an entirely safe investment.

6. Kahuna Exquisite Rhythmic HM-Kappa Massage Chair
  • 4D SKMS-09M-225L massage system - Over 10,000 experienced user feedback, kahuna chair user’s experiences, we have...
  • Smart User memory function will remember your favorite features such as heating, zero gravity angle, spine roller speed,...
  • Hyper SL-Track (51.2 inches) is the most ergonomic massage chair track that can reach every inch of your spinal...

Last but not least, here’s one luxurious model by Kahuna. It’s a 4D massage chair that comes with a full-body scanning system so you can enjoy a customized body massage in the comfort of your home.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most advanced massage chair models by Kahuna, and no wonder it brings along various unique features. From providing multiple soothing massages to reaching out to all the curves of your spinal curvature, this ergonomic massage chair has got your covered.

What makes it different from the rest is that it effectively operates in the dark as well. It comes with a unique Backlit remote control system, and oh, it has LED lights installed within so you can have a relaxing massage before your bedtime while sinking in the beauty of the full moon and darkness. Isn’t it wonderful?

Specifications of Kahuna HM-Kappa

  • HSL track design
  • Advanced four-dimensional body massage
  • Body scanning technology
  • The signature Rhythmic Kahuna air cell massage
  • Comes with 96 air cells that are strategically located within the massage chair
  • It has five levels of intensity
  • Zero gravity massage
  • Heat therapy (It covers your feet, legs, and lower and upper back)
  • Three different temperature control options for heat therapy
  • Thorough body massage covering every inch of your spine
  • 15 preset massage programs
  • Six automatic massage modes, including deep tissue massage, sleep mode, air mode, rocking, and renew
  • Sports massage is included as well
  • Full-body stretching with numerous yoga techniques
  • Automatic reclining with a space-saving design
  • Mobile app functionality (It’s compatible with both android and iOS)
  • High-quality Bluetooth speakers
  • It comes with customized color options (You can choose the color of side panels as per your choice)
  • Backlit remote control technology and side panel LED lighting (It can be conveniently used in the dark night)

Warranty: It’s covered under a five-year warranty for its parts, labor, and structural design. On the other hand, if you purchase it from Amazon, they’re providing a 30-day money guarantee as well. Henceforth, your purchase is entirely safe, and there’s no risk involved.

So many options, huh? Well, all of them are incredible in their own way. Before you purchase a massage chair, I’ll suggest you check the Kahuna massage chair models I’ve mentioned above. I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. Give it a thought, my pals! 

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