Automatic VS. Portable Massage Chair, Which One is Better?

Massage chairs are one of the most specialized inventions of mankind made so far. They’re designed to provide you with the compelling benefits of a spa and a masseur, whilst taking the spa visits out of your daily routine. Isn’t it amazing?

The best part of the story is that all these high-end massage chairs can provide you with an incredible spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

You may think of me as a massage chair advocate. Touche, I am one!

Why? Because I’ve been using a massage chair at my home for more than a year now, so I know how convenient it is. It has saved me a considerable amount of money in the form of spa bills and oil charges.

There are several kinds of massage chairs available in the markets these days. It is precisely the reason why choosing one can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re a newbie.

In this article today, I’ll be addressing the two kinds of massage chairs, portable and automatic massage chairs.

I’ll explain in detail how each of them works and what benefits they bring along. So let’s get started.

automatic massage chairs

Automatic massage chairs are mostly full-sized, and they’re what you’ll find commonly in the massage chair markets.

Whether you’re looking for a massage chair in a market sphere or checking out the online retailers, automatic massage chairs are all the rage these days.

They are undoubtedly different from portable massage chairs in terms of their working mechanism and benefits. It is primarily the reason they have a massive number of prospective buyers across the globe.

The Purpose of an Automatic Massage Chair

Needless to say, an automatic massage chair is designed to serve you with optimized physical healing and ultimate relaxation.

An automatic massage chair tends to come up with various inbuilt features that work in absolute harmony.

From kneading to rolling and tapping, an automatic massage chair brings along every feature that you may need in order to get that relaxing and soothing massage.

Each of these automated technologies delivers stimulated physical healing and maximum comfort through specialized massage programs.

I have a Kahuna LM6800 Massage Chair Recliner, which is automatic and comes with a massive number of massage settings. Therefore, I can say that an automatic massage chair is an ideal option for anyone like me who craves a full-body luxury massage experience.

Besides, an automatic massage chair has several pros and cons. So let’s see what it brings along with it.

Pros of An Automatic Massage Chair

zero gravity massage chair

For a better understanding, here I am going to share a few pros of having an automatic massage chair at home.

Works Well for Newbies

If you’re a newbie in the world of massage chairs and you don’t know much about how a massage chair operates, you don’t have to worry.

An automatic massage chair comes with many preset features; all you need to do is press a button. Simple, right?

With several inbuilt technologies and multiple preset massage settings, an automatic massage chair is pretty easy to operate. Besides, every massage chair brings along its own customized manual.

Following the instruction card, you can easily learn the basic operating steps of the massage chair in a day or two. Just make sure to give it a read correctly, and take care of the cautions mentioned in it.

The S-Track Advancement

The growing advancements in the world of tech are absolutely mind-blowing, and there’s no second opinion about it. Automatic massage chairs often come with an S-track technology, which is the current standard of the industry.

What is S-track really? Confused?

Well, it’s the steel frame of your massage chair that bends and makes an S-shape. This way, it allows your body to rest in the form of its natural curves while decompressing the spine.

Most of the automatic massage chairs have rollers mounted on their frame that move in three different dimensions whilst giving a massage. It is something that adds z-axis at the particular parts of your spine where curves are formed.

Hence, it won’t be wrong to say that an automatic massage chair with an S-track technology is great for spinal health.

Most high-end massage chair manufacturers incorporate S-track advancement in their models these days. Such automatic massage chairs aim to provide you with a high-quality experience of massage, even better than a lavish spa.

Heating Elements

Heated massage therapy is one fabulous feature when talking about a luxury automatic massage chair.

Whether it is winter or summer season, a little warmth while having a massage therapy session is no less than a blessing. It relaxes your body from head to toe, including all the sore muscles and ligaments.

What I love about an automatic massage chair is that it continually provides the user with an excellent heat transmission. What else do you need in a massage therapy session anyway?

The heat transmission ensures a relaxing massage therapy session. It also stimulates the sore areas of the body whilst speeding up the process of physical recovery and growth.

In case you’re looking for a massage chair that allows perfect heat transmission to your body, there’s nothing better than Full-Body Shiatsu Automatic Massage Chair by Best Massage Manufacturers.

Cons of An Automatic Massage Chair

While there are some fantastic benefits of owning an automatic massage chair, there are a few cons as well.

They’re Expensive

Automatic massage chairs are generally considered luxurious. Thus, they’re mostly expensive.

Purchasing a massage chair isn’t a light investment to begin with. Yet an automatic massage chair is somewhat more expensive as compared to other traditional massage chairs.

Although the price of a massage chair dramatically depends upon the features it brings along. The more advanced your massage chair would be, the higher would be its price. It’s as simple as that.

Requires More Space

Another downside of having an automatic massage chair is that it is relatively bigger in size. Therefore, it requires more space than any other massage chair.

Since I have an automatic full-body massage chair, I know the struggle. I keep it in my living room because that is the most spacious room in my home.

Apart from that, if your automatic massage chair is a recliner, please know that it would require additional space due to its reclining feature.

Portable Massage Chairs

portable massage chairs

Are you sick and tired of the heavy-duty massage chairs? They obviously require more space, they’re hard to move around, and whatnot?

Well, I can totally relate to it.

How? My sister isn’t a fan of luxury automatic massage chairs. She has a remote job and she is a frequent traveler; hence, she believes a portable massage chair is the real deal.

Well, I would agree to disagree with her. I reckon that portable massage chairs are excellent in their work, yet when it comes to features, they’re quite different. I believe they’re relatively simple and not luxurious.

The Purpose of a Portable Massage Chair

Portable massage chairs are relatively easier to manage and move around.

They’re mostly used by therapists within the massage chair industry. Other than that, they’re sometimes used by couples to get or give an intimate massage.

My sister has a Best Massage Portable Tattoo Massage Chair, and she swears by it. With the help of her massage chair, she has improved her massage skills a lot as she often gives a relaxing massage to my mother and sometimes me as well.

She gives a better massage than most of the masseuses out there. Surprising, huh?

A portable massage chair is great for anyone who’s always on the go. You have your portable massage chair, all you need is a masseuse, and you can enjoy a relaxing massage therapy whenever wherever.

Pros of a Portable Massage Chair

pros of a portable massage chair

As I have mentioned above, portable massage chairs are entirely different from automatic massage chairs. In fact, you’ll find nothing common between them.

Starting with the pros first, here are a few that you should know.

Easily Moveable

This one’s obvious, you can easily move your portable massage chair around or even take it away with you on vacation. Henceforth, being portable is an advantage in itself.

For anyone like my sister, who has a stressful job and doesn’t really stay home for more than a few days, getting a portable massage chair is a solution to all the worries.

Take your massage chair with you wherever you’re going, call any nearby masseur, and enjoy a comfortable massage without paying a hefty amount at any spa.

Ergonomic Design

Who doesn’t like a massage chair with an ergonomic structure? No show?

A massage chair that is easily carry-able and nicely folds down is no less than a dream for anyone.

Portable massage chairs come with an ergonomic design. Thus, you can easily fit them in tight spaces without any inconvenience.

They’re compact and come with fabulous space-saving qualities, which makes them an ideal choice for travelers.


Unlike the automatic massage chairs that are big and hefty, portable massage chairs are very light in weight.

My sister often jokes around that her massage chair weighs only 23 lbs. For some odd reason, it sounds hilarious.

As a matter of fact, portable massage chairs never weigh more than 70 lbs, and they can go as low as 12 lbs. It is one thing that I love about portable massage chairs. 

I remember when I bought my automatic luxury massage chair, I rented a mini pickup truck to bring it home and had to pay extra for it. However, my sister brought hers in her car trunk. Sigh!

Cons of a Portable Massage Chair

Where there are pros, there are cons as well. So let’s have a look at the only con of portable massage chairs.

No Automatic Massage Features

The biggest downside of having a portable massage chair is the absence of automatic massage features.

I mean, what’s the point of having a massage chair when you have to call the masseur in order to get a manual massage?

It’s unusual, but a portable massage chair doesn’t look like a massage chair to me. It is more like a massage table.

I know I am not very positive about portable massage chairs because I enjoy luxury and to get an extravagant massage experience, a massage chair without massage settings is practically useless.

What do you think about it? Did you give it a thorough read?

Well, I would never prefer a portable massage chair over an advanced automatic massage chair.

As I mentioned earlier, I am the person that craves luxury. Thus, I am more into automatic massage chairs since they provide me with a relaxing massage experience with a single click.

Are you contemplating if you should purchase an automatic or a portable massage chair? Keeping all the pros and cons in mind, I am certain you can make an informed decision.

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