Are Massage Chairs Good For Arthritis Patients?

Let me define arthritis in simple words; it's the joint inflammation. It goes without saying that it isn't a manageable disease to deal with.

Following are the two types of arthritis that are commonly found:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis

In Osteoarthritis, the ends of your bones are covered by hard tissue, increasing the chances of fractures. While in Rheumatoid arthritis, your joints are attacked by your own immune system, making them thinner and painful.

Though the symptoms of arthritis are different for everyone, a few common symptoms of the disease are:

  • A significant decrease in the range of motion
  • Redness of the skin
  • Edema
  • Joint stiffness
  • Body aches

Henceforth, arthritis patients are best friends with over the counter pain relief medicines. But do you think it's safe to take painkillers so often?

Well, it isn't. It is primarily the reason why you'll see most arthritis patients in search of natural pain relief therapies.

It is where a massage chair jumps in.

Chair massage therapies have indeed countless benefits and no wonder, they can be great in pain management for arthritis patients.

Why go for an OTC painkiller everyday and damage your liver when you can take a massage chair therapy twice or thrice a week?

Exactly, my pals! 10-15 minutes of chair massage therapy twice or thrice a week is more than enough to manage the throbbing pain you feel because of this all-consuming disease. 

The best part of it is that massage chair therapies have minimal to no side effects, making it an even reliable choice.

I’d personally recommend you to get a zero-gravity reclining massage chair if you have arthritis as it can provide you with the relaxing massage that you crave while keeping your body in a weightless state. 

For this, you can try the Real Relax Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, and I’m certain you won’t be disappointed. 

are massage chairs good for arthritis patients

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. As disturbing as it was, I was binge-eating the pain relief medications.

'Binge-eating,' that is the accurate word I'll use.

I used to take a painkiller in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one at night. I couldn't function without it since I was in pain ALL THE TIME.

I had a spinal fusion due to arthritis, and it was no less than a nightmare for me.

Even though I was entirely relying on medication, I still remember there was a time when painkillers weren't as effective as they used to be. 

Well, my physicians say it was merely because I developed a tolerance to them. Facepalm! 

It was then my mother introduced me to a therapeutic massage chair.

She had a Real Relax Zero-Gravity Massage Chair, and she believed it could help me out, so I gave it a try.

Trust me; it was the best decision I made. It helped me manage the pain and regulated my sleep as well, which says a lot. I sometimes wonder if it was magic. 

Thereby, using my personal experience, I'd recommend you to get a massage chair in case you have arthritis.

How Does a Massage Chair Helps in Arthritis?

types of chair massage therapies

Our body has its unusual ways of functioning. When you're in pain or whenever a muscle hurts, your body will use another muscle in order to compensate for the pain. 

It is something that puts an undue pressure on the joints and muscles whilst aggravating the underlying problems. So let's release the body aches and tension in a natural way with the help of a massage chair while allowing the tissues and muscles to relax.

Ready, set, go!

Improves the Blood Circulation

Consider it a rule of thumb, the better the blood circulation, the more manageable your pain would be.

I remember reading a research report which stated that apart from improving the blood circulation, chair massage therapies are also responsible for regulating the lymphatic flow.

If you're taking massage chair therapies on a regular basis, the blood in your body will flow smoothly through all the otherwise congested parts, carrying lots of oxygen as well as other mandatory nutrients in the meantime.

That being so, the circulation of lymphatic fluids is significantly increased with the help of the pressure released during a chair massage therapy session.

Needless to say, lymphatic fluids in the body are responsible for the elimination of toxins and other kinds of metabolic waste.

Helps in Reducing the Pain

If you're suffering from arthritis, you'll know the struggle behind managing the pain. No wonder, it is one of the worst things about arthritis.

As per many studies I have read on the internet, regular chair massage therapies can notably help reduce the pain, which makes it an excellent choice for arthritis patients.

There was a study conducted by the School of Medicine, University of Miami in 2006, which clearly states that the symptoms of arthritis can be managed with the help of daily chair massage therapies, or at least four times a week.

It further said that 15-minutes of regular chair massage therapy could produce fixed improvements in the range of motion, grip of the joints, bone strength, and the overall joint function.

Furthermore, research by New Jersey's University of Medicine and Dentistry reports that Osteoarthritis can be managed with the help of Swedish chair massage therapy.

In this particular study, they provided the subjects with two weekly sessions of Swedish chair massage for eight weeks. At the end of those two months, the subjects reported positive outcomes.

Controls the Production of Stress Hormones

Cortisol, the infamous stress hormone, is the reason behind aggravating most of the physical and mental health issues.

According to several research reports, a single session of massage chair therapy can reduce the levels of cortisol in the body whilst boosting the levels of endorphins.

Endorphins are the happy chemicals of your body. They're the reason behind your happy mood most of the day.

Aside from reducing the production of stress hormones, a survey states that chair massage therapies control a specific neurotransmitter that is responsible for the body aches.

Such actions not just manage the body pain but lower the level of stress and enhance the mood as well. It additionally helps in promoting better sleep, meanwhile reducing the stress and anxiety.

Provides Alignment to Your Spine

Anyone who has spinal arthritis, whether it's because of ankylosis, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis, can gain some amazing benefits from taking regular chair massage therapies.

I once asked my physician, and he told me that such conditions mainly happen due to severe pressure on the spinal area, spinal cord as well as nerve endings nearby.

Spinal arthritis doesn't develop in a day and overtime, it can induce severe backache that may spread into your neck, shoulders, and legs too. It sometimes feels like sciatica pain as well.

Moreover, if you're suffering from spinal arthritis, it is going to compress all the major nerves running throughout the body. Sounds like a more alarming issue, doesn't it?

Well, the condition can be serious, depending on the severity of the disease. It can cause moderate to extreme pain as well as numbness in the body.

Fortunately, all these symptoms can be effectively managed with the help of a massage chair.

You can buy a high-end massage chair, preferably a recliner with the zero-gravity feature, to support your vertebrae and spine. It can provide your spine with the perfect alignment that it needs in order to make you function smoothly in your day to day life.

My mother's zero-gravity massage chair tends to provide a natural position to the spine while releasing the tension from the muscles and nerves emerging from the spinal area.

It also brings along a spinal and lower-body correction feature that helps in relaxing the muscles, reducing the pain, and increasing the flexibility.

Best Chair Massage Techniques for Arthritis

benefits of chair massage therapies

All massage chair techniques affect different people differently. Therefore, I cannot name one method that is beneficial for everyone.

Each chair massage technique has its own depth of pressure, style, and amount of strokes. However, all of them are designed to improve your physical and mental health.

A few conventional massage chair techniques that are recommended by most physicians to arthritis patients are as follows:

Shiatsu Chair Massage Therapy

Coming from the old Japanese culture, Shiatsu is popularly known to eliminate body aches.

It especially targets the energy pathways of the body, helps regulate the blood flow, and increases the level of oxygen.

Deep Tissue Chair Massage Therapy

It comes with a goal to reduce muscle soreness and body aches. It helps unwind the toxic buildup in the body; henceforth, reduces inflammation. It is often recommended by healthcare experts for patients with a constant issue of pain management.

Aside from the standard benefits, it relaxes the deep layers of tissues and muscles, which is precisely what arthritis patients need.

Swedish Chair Massage Therapy

Here comes another old massage chair technique, it is considered as one enjoyable way to reduce body inflammation and pain. It is also known for lowering bodily stress and muscle tension.

It provides better blood flow to the heart; thus, it is beneficial for cardiac health.

Adding to it, it helps release the toxins and metabolic waste from the body while promoting good physical and emotional wellbeing.

Make no mistake; massage therapies are generally considered helpful in the treatment of arthritis. Yet it is very complicated to visit a spa every other day.

You may think of a massage chair as another expensive tool. I'm confident the cost of a massage chair may make you find it prohibitive. Even then, I'll say to think of it as a long-term investment.

How much is it going to help you in managing the disease naturally?

How much is it going to save you in the long run? Spa bills? Fuel charges? Wellness clubs' membership charges?

Think of it rationally, and I'm certain you wouldn't find a better alternative.

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