Anthony Walker

In this stress and work driven world, where a possibility of 90% of your routine may be out to drain you or kill you, find what relaxes you and hold onto it tight.

Although I may not be the Dalai Lama, make sure to pay enough significance to the crux of what I just wrote down for you in the very first sentence of this profile. I will be sure to explain precisely what it means, if in case by now, you have not figured it out by yourself, in return; however, I want you to keep on reading carefully.

Face Behind The Blog

To start, let me initially give you a slight introduction about myself, now that I have you thoroughly intrigued, my name is Anthony Walker, and I am most commonly known as ‘The Massage Chair Professor’ in a literal as well as a symbolic context. 

How and Why though was I able to acquire such a profile? Well, to cut a long story short, out of my 45-years of life, I have spent more than 22-years in detail, not only practising as well as studying massage therapy, acupuncture, physiotherapy and most importantly all the modern forms of massage therapy.

I have an extensive experience of practising all my learnings, regardless of whether it was during my time, teaching as a massage therapist to undergraduate level students, at my massage acupuncture retreat within the plains of India or even here within the USA. 


It was not until the beautiful moments I experienced when I became a father to my two beautiful daughters, that I realized the real importance and the integral component of handing knowledge along with educating those around you with what you have learned in life.

Thus, here I am, initiating this blog, to distribute my experience, my understandings and learnings about massage therapy, and in particular my forte, modern massage therapy which can be found in the form of massage chairs as well as affiliated products within the market sphere.

The Professor

What is that makes me unique? Well, aside from being known as the well-justified ‘Massage Chair Professor’ I do not intend on gaining any profit like the other websites out there, my only purpose is to educate you, as well as tell you about the massage chairs industry, the rest, whether you wish to make a purchase or stick to conventional forms of massage, is your choice entirely.

My work as the ‘Massage Chair Professor’ will be done well, once you, as my audience, become well-educated about the subject of modern massage therapy, or massage chairs in whole. 

Now, going back to my initial most claim/quotation which you read at the very beginning of this post, regardless of whether you may belong to your early 20’s or your early 40’s like me, a stress and work-induced daily routine hits each of us hard, figuratively and literally.

Constant strain and stress, without adequate relaxation, can have a massive toll upon the anatomy, which can eventually be hazardous to your health, particularly your Vertebrae, over time. The most convenient, and the effective forms of massage, which I have come across in my 22-years within the industry is the most delivered via massage chairs. 

So if you are on a quest to a better Vertebrae, one massage session at a time, I suggest you bookmark my page and prepare yourself for the knowledgeable journey you are about to go on, with me as your host.